Rehman Malik Gets Trolled For Praising Adult Stars

Wait what?

A Pakistani politician on Twitter is a meme waiting to happen. Whether it is Sheikh Rasheed getting trolled for calling the Pakistan cricket team “Green Shits” instead of “Green Shirts” or asking a gaming company (UNO) instead of UN to take action, our officials just don’t know how the internet works. One of the finest examples is Rehman Malik.

The former Pakistan interior minister has a habit of making a fool of himself on Twitter. Recently, an Indian user posted a picture of three ‘actresses’ in hijabs showing solidarity for Indian Muslims, protesting the Citizen Amendment Bill in India.

Unknown of these ‘actresses’ true profession, Rehman Malik retweeted the post with the caption “God bless her”.


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Now, there is nothing wrong with Rehman Malik’s intentions and the message that he wanted to convey. The only problem was that the so-called actresses are adult performers. Whether some of you want to admit it or not (don’t worry, this is a safe space), we all know who Mia Khalifa is.

The internet took the opportunity to troll the former interior minister hard on social media. Here are some of the reactions:

Even after people pointed out the blunder, Rehman Malik responded with:

“We will get them— it is against UN charter also.”

While people had a good laugh about it, you do have to consider that Rehman Malik is innocent. The former minister genuinely doesn’t know who Mia Khalifa is.

We should get our heads out of the gutter and commend this man’s innocence and purity. Though, it is time that someone competent enough should be looking after Rehman Malik’s Twitter account.


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