Remember Chaiwala Arshad Khan? This is Where He’s At Right Now!

He took a break due to personal reasons. But now he’s back!

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Remember the brazenly handsome chaiwala (tea-seller) who made waves in Pakistan a few years ago?  Arshad Khan became a social media sensation when a picture of him went viral in social media back in 2016.

Well, where is he now? After a few modeling gigs, we haven’t heard of him. Why hasn’t he been walking for a designer, or cast in movies?

Relax folks, cuz the good news is that he didn’t fade out. While Arshad was on a hiatus for six months since January 2017, he became the face of Pehchan Mall, a popular shopping destination.  Previously the gig used to be handled by a Salman Khan look-alike.

Chai wala, Arshad Khan becomes the face of Pehchaan mall.
Image Source: Xanthum

But now he’s back in showbiz business and ready to make a splash all again.


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Chai Wala Has a New Manager

This is all thanks to his new manager Kazim Hasan. Arshad believes that his previous managers did not always act in his best interests, and pay him properly. Hasan handles Arshad’s PR and marketing now.

“I trust Kazim………..He is like a father to me, and he has my best interests at heart. Even if he beat me in front of 100 people, I would still love him.”

Hasan is the man behind the return of Arshad Khan, and he’s relaunching him with style on his 18th birthday party.

Why was Arshad Khan on a hiatus to begin with? Let’s start with the beginning.

What Sparked the Chaiwala Phenomenon?

One fateful day in September 2016 the 17-year-old Arshad Khan started off his regular day. As usual, he headed out to work as a tea seller at his local Itwar Bazaar (Sunday market) in Islamabad.

Arshad had been doing this for four years by then. Being one of 17 siblings, he didn’t have the privilege of obtaining an education.

This day was different because of an aspiring photographer Jiah Ali. While the teenage chai-wala was wrapping up for the day at 8pm, Jiah caught his blue-eyed gaze on camera.

She then posted the picture on Instagram a month later with the caption “Hot tea”. The picture went viral and, that is how the Internet sensation ‘chai-wala’ came to be.

Within days, people from around the world, including his home country Pakistan, were discussing the chai wala’s astonishing good looks.

Soon Islamabad’s chai-wala was an ‘International Bae’. Arshad thought he was just an average Pashtun. In fact, he wasn’t even considered the most good-looking amongst his siblings either.

“I didn’t know that my looks were out of the ordinary. I think all Pashtun people are good-looking, so I didn’t think of myself as being special. My older brother says he is much more handsome than me.”


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After his new found fame, Arshad didn’t know what he wanted to do but everyone else wanted to cash in. Online retailer rushed to sign the budding star and that is how he got his first apparel modeling gig.

His first shoot modeling a range of its clothes got mixed reviews. Some loved the polished look. Others thought it took away from the authenticity of what made him famous.

More modeling assignments followed and Arshad was invited to almost all national talk shows. His ‘big break’ was being featured in popular singer Muskan Jay’s music video for her song Beparwai.


Family Feud

While that’s what should have further elevated his career, it almost tanked it. Arshad’s conservative family didn’t like him getting too chummy with women (even if it was make-believe).

This is what Arshad said in an interview:

“They were really upset……….They told me not to do such a thing again, and my mother used the word ‘vulgar’.”

Then came the rumors that his family had forbidden him from working in the entertainment industry. Arshad’s manager Kazim Hasan explained that though there were some issues, his family is ok with him working in the showbiz industry again. With one caveat – Arshad is no longer allowed to get to close to females.

Meanwhile, the controversy around his nationality cost Arshad a spot at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week, where he was invited to represent Carrera sunglasses.

What’s Next?

Other opportunities include Arshad Khan’s performance in television drama Chaiwala & Friends. Chaiwala & Friends cast Ali Fateh, Malik Aqeel and TV host and actor Mariam Salman with Arshad Khan. The show will follow chai-wala and the team as they attend film premieres, interview actors and politicians, and visit new restaurants and cafes.


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