These Are the Highest Paid Pakistani Actors

These men steal hearts (and the profits)

pakistani actors

While the ladies steal the limelight in most Pakistani productions, the men take away most of the money. Their takeaway include their earnings from films, TV, as well as endorsements. Some of those actors also serve as producers as well.

We take a look at the top earning Pakistani actors in the industry today and how much they take home:

1. Shaan Shahid

The evergreen Shaan charges Rs 5 million for any project. Recently his reboot of the Indian classic Arth: The Destination¬†didn’t do so well at the box office. Despite all that, Shaan’s brand is pretty expensive.

2. Fawad Khan

The actor charges around Rs. 3 lakhs per episode. For a drama serial of 25-30 with appearances in most episodes that’s roughly 20 million rupees for a drama serial. He’s also the most highest paid actor when it comes to films.

Fawad charges between Rs. 15-30 million for each commercial project.

3.  Fahad Mustafa

The actor charges around Rs 7 million for any project. He became popular after achieving success in drama serials like Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon and Kankar. His recent film Load Wedding made it among nominations in international film festivals.

4. Imran Abbas

Although he wasn’t seen much onscreen in the past year, he still charges Rs. 1 million for a scene. The actor hasn’t been cast in a Pakistani film yet though he has worked in Bollywood.

5. Shehryar Munawar

This IBA graduate is also among Pakistanis adored across the border (though he never worked there). There are no known figures for how much he rakes in, but between his stint as a producer and actor, he gets paid a hefty amount for his television projects. Shehryar says he shoots about 14-16 scenes per day.

The actor even worked alongside Mahira Khan in 7 Din Mohabat In. The movie earned Rs 5.3 crores at the box office, making Shehryar one of the most bankable stars today.

6. Ahsan Khan

Ahsan charges just Rs. 4 to 5 million for an advert.

He charges more for television projects. The actor has only done one film Chupan Chupai with Neelum Munir. His serial Angan is already doing pretty well.

6. Hamza Ali Abbasi

The actor that went from Pyare Afzal and Mann Mayal to the film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is a hot favorite of the public nowadays. The actor charges Rs five lakhs per scene. His recent Parwaaz Hai Junoon also did well at the box office.

7. Faisal Qureshi

The actor-turned-television show host charges Rs 25 lakhs per project.


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  1. Where did you get the information from? Aside from Fawad Khan I am sure they are paid much less.