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Ritesh Deshmukh Comes Out In Support of Sarfraz Ahmed

When cross-border rivalry doesnt matter.

ritesh deshmukh and sarfaraz ahmed

Bollywood star Ritesh Deshmukh has stepped forward in support for Pakistani skipper Sarfraz Ahmed after he saw a video of a fan who misbehaved and abused the famous cricketer.

The video in question went viral over social media. It was made by a fan who was not too happy about Pakistan cricket team’s loss against India in a crucial world cup match.

Here is the video:

As you can see, it was in very poor taste, and we think that some lines were crossed. This ‘fan’ did not even spare a thought that Sarfaraz was there with his kid. A lesser soul could have beaten this abusive troll black and blue.


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Ritesh’s Reaction

The Dhamaal actor was utterly disappointed at what happened. He was of the opinion that cricketers like Sarfaraz Ahmed do not deserve this kind of harassment. This is what he said:

We hear you Ritesh. We hear you loud and clear.

People’s Reactions

Cricket lovers from all around the world were extremely offended by that fan’s attitude.

Many Indians also came out in favor of Sarfaraz and schooled the person who made those disgusting remarks about the Pakistani skipper.


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An Apology to Sarfaraz Ahmed

Seeing as how his video went viral and that too for all the wrong reasons, this fan made the decision to apologize to him:

No one should encourage this kind of behavior from fans. That’s the main take-away from this incident.


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