Round House Pizza — A Slice of Happiness in Islamabad [Food Review]

Round House Pizza has launched a new menu to stimulate your hunger with a blend of drool-worthy flavors.

Are you craving pizza and tired of the cliche taste that Islamabad has been offering? Try out Round House Pizza 2.0 — the house of contemporary flavors, which has launched a new trend that leaves the dreary taste of Islamabad’s pizzas behind with the blend of all the drool-worthy flavors and spices to zing to your taste buds.

ProPakistani tried this pizzeria’s new pizza, the Round House Special, and IT WAS FIRE! The mushy crust oozed a tantalizing white sauce with aperitive flavors that, with the crust, melt in the mouth. The soft mozzarella goes perfectly with the freshness and earthiness of the vegetables and finger-licking sauces and makes you go “mmmmmm!”.

A savory variety of meats, comprising pepperoni, salami, and chicken, and a delicious assortment of cheeses furnished on a crusty loaf of Italian bread with olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum, Italian provolone cheese, Italian dressing, and the captivating aroma are sure to take you to Italy.

The massive pizza came with Round House Pizza’s best-selling side order — the magnifique Pizza Roll. The pizza rolls are another new experience that comes in a box. It looks like a burrito but burrito was like eating pizza in a burrito for effortless entertainment and a definite foodgasm.

Round House Pizza serves a variety of tastes, from tantalizing side orders to scrumptious main course pizzas in a range of sizes. Embodying quaint and contemporary charm, this pizza spot is sure to assuage all your cravings.

Islamabad’s urge for a new taste inspired The Round House Pizza makers to bring a new flavourful tang to the city. It was originally started seven years ago but the new owners have taken over to give you a whole new experience of the authentic taste of pizza.

Situated in the heart of E11 Markaz, Islamabad, Round House Pizza is your new go-to pizzeria, and you won’t be disappointed.

Do yourself a favor and try this amazing new goodness in town, and let us know about your experience in the comments below!