Rubya Chaudhry Wants People to Choose Divorce Over Unhealthy Marriage

The renowned actress offers advice to women stuck in abusive marriages.


Popular actress and model Ruby Chaudhary opens up about her divorce and shared her thoughts on the stigma linked to it.

Rubya Chaudhry has proven her mettle as an actress and is also regarded as a renowned face in the fashion industry. She has starred in several dramas and noted projects like Zibahkhana, Manchalay, Siyaah and Parchayee. She recently appeared in a short film called Bench, which bagged an award at the South Shore Film Festival in New York.


Globally Acclaimed Pakistani Short Film ‘Bench’ Gets Its First Trailer [Video]

Recently, Rubya spilled the beans on her divorce publicly for the first time. She shared that society often attaches a stigma with divorces and divorcees, which results in many women getting stuck in abusive marriages. Such women suffer through years of trauma and deject as they are warry of the ‘divorcee’ label. And what society will think about them.

She shared, “I always knew people can be crass and ill-mannered, but there isn’t anything like experiencing it first hand. I don’t even so much as humour these types usually, but in some situations, one just HAS to put their foot down.”

Rubya Chaudhry married musician Meekal Hasan in 2016. The two kept their married life private but we all found out that it ended quickly as they divorced soon after.

“I got married a few years ago and then got divorced super quickly after. And that’s that really. Never really put my private life up for people to speculate about in the first place, but I don’t blame them for being curious about such matters,” Rubya revealed.

She also added that a divorce doesn’t mean the end of the world for anyone but rather a second chance at life and at love.

“Choose to thrive. Choose divorce if it ain’t your scene and stop worrying about all the ill-mannered and crass people around,” she added.

Rubya encouraged other women to not feel ashamed or disheartened if their marriage isn’t working out. They should forcibly mold themselves into ‘a perfect wife’ and lose their vibrant personality, the actress shared her thoughts.

Do you agree with the actress? Is the Pakistani society unfair to divorcee women? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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