Saba Qamar Reveals More Details About Her YouTube Channel

Find out what the actress has to say regarding this matter.

Saba Qamar

Most of the Pakistani celebrities have taken their creative ideas and their desire to create towards YouTube. The platform serves the purpose of showcasing an individual’s unique talents and love for art.

Now, more than ever, more and more celebs are turning to YouTube to start their new productive journeys. Due to the lockdown, celebrities have the time to plan and produce content that they deem fit.

Only a couple days ago Feroza Khan took to Twitter to announce he will be ‘dropping a YouTube channel soon.’

And, a day after that the famous Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar, also made a similar announcement.

The hint lies in the hashtag, #Youtube, which was enough to guess what the Baaghi actress was talking about. Upon confirmation by Images, we are now 100% sure that Saba is coming up with fresh content for her upcoming YouTube channel.



saba qamar


The 36-year-old Hindi Medium actress says this is not a result of the isolation.

I’m starting my YouTube channel after a lot of deliberation. It is not just a subsequent effect of isolation but really a plan to express myself through a new medium and platform. I’ve worked really hard in this industry and feel I’ve learnt a few things along the way.



From what Saba Qamar told, we can tell she has a wide variety of content that she wants to be a part of her upcoming YouTube channel.

I am not really interested in only showcasing my life or work but plan to produce, write and create work that is solely my vision. I’ve also always wanted to collaborate with new talents and young blood. This gives me a chance not only to nurture talent but learn new perspectives and skills. This gives me creative freedom and honestly a lot of excitement!




Those of you who have always been curious about Saba’s view of beauty, lifestyle, and health, are in for a treat.

I believe in taking things slow, one step at a time. But speaking with my core team, I can tell you that you’ll see a string of Saba Qamar’s commercial activity logs and uploads on lifestyle, beauty, health and confidence with tutorials and interviews.

But wait! That’s not all.

But while we go on, I long to produce short stories and films, which may be considered as ‘non-commercial’ or ‘artsy’ stuff. I hope you guys like what we may do and give me feedback along the way.




While her main focus is obviously her fans, she also wants to focus on herself as a creator and express her own vision, how she wants.


I not only want to engage with my fans but want to truly show and express my experiences and potential as a narrator and a story teller. I’m very proud to have learnt more and more and would want nothing more than my fans to also learn and grow with me. YouTube serves that purpose perfectly.

Looks like we are in for an exciting new endeavor with Saba Qamar.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments section.


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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