Saba Qamar Shares A Heartfelt Confession About Her Celebrity Crush, Ahsan Khan

In the glitzy world of showbiz, where relationships are often hidden behind a veil of glamour, actress Saba Qamar recently took the industry by surprise with a candid revelation. The accomplished actress, known for her stellar performances and unapologetic demeanor, openly shared her celebrity crush during a recent interview.

In a moment of vulnerability, Saba Qamar confessed that her heartthrob was none other than the talented actor Ahsan Khan, and she candidly expressed that she would have considered marrying him if he hadn’t already taken.

During their light-hearted conversation on the podcast with Ahsan Khan, when he asked Saba Qamar to name a hero she would propose to if he were not married.

Saba Qamar immediately gestured toward Ahsan Khan and said,

When I wasn’t an actress, I somehow got Ahsan Khan’s number and used to send messages and make calls to tell him that I only wanted to work with him.

Saba regretfully mentioned the delay in expressing her feelings. Saba Qamar admitted that she was confessing this for the first time, adding humorously,

When I worked with Ahsan, he argued with me, and I started crying. But slowly, I began to understand him.

While talking about the love she said that “she fell in love with him, and when she needed to express her feelings, complications arose in Ahsan Khan’s life as his sisters got married, causing a delay.”

Ahsan Khan also shared that he harbored doubts about Saba Qamar’s relationship status and whether she intended to marry him. Saba Qamar responded by jokingly stating that when girls say “no”, they often mean “yes”.

Saba Qamar further disclosed that she had even traveled to interior Sindh to shoot a film for Ahsan Khan, something she wouldn’t do for just anyone.

It is pertinent to mention that Ahsan Khan got married in 2008 and has two beautiful daughters and two sons.

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