Saba Qamar Talks About The ‘New Man’ In Her Life, Fans Drop Relationship Advises

Netizen advise the actress to tread carefully, given her past experience.

Actress Saba Qamar is in love. However, the Hindi Medium star does not want to reveal the identity of her mystery man.

Recently, Saba Qamar sat down for an exclusive interview. The actress talks about her professional and personal life. The host tries to get a scoop out of Saba, by asking if there’s any ‘romance’ in her life these days. The Baaghi actress quickly responded that there is someone special in her life, but she is not going to reveal who it is.

“Nothing’s good come out by revealing it in front of a camera,” Saba shares. “I am happy and content, and will see how it goes.”

The actress teases about her discreet affair, remaining vague about the identity of her mystery man. Check out the full interview here.

Netizen appreciate Saba for keeping her personal life private. While others felt that she is only seeking attention and making a big deal out of it.


A while back, Saba was romantically involved with influencer Azeem Khan. The actress was all set to tie the knot and settle down. However, things took a turn, when allegations of harassment were brought up against Azeem Khan, which led to Saba calling off the wedding.

Saba Qamar is one of the most popular actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Her style, elegance classy looks have always won over the hearts of people on social media. The actress is not just a household name in Pakistan. Apart from her work in the Pakistani entertainment industry, Saba Qamar has the distinction for being one of those celebrities to have worked in Bollywood.


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