Saba Qamar’s Edgy ‘Space Siren’ Look Breaks the Internet

The ‘Kamli’ star shared a bit of cryptic poetry that left everyone confused.

Renowned actress and model, Saba Qamar took everyone by surprise with her bold transformation in her latest photoshoot.

The Kamli star took on her goth queen persona, showcasing her versatility as the perfect muse for MNGO’s “Space Siren” photoshoot.

This is Saba Qamar like you’ve never seen before as she proudly shared glimpses of the avant-garde photoshoot with her fans, alongside cryptic poetry. The photoshoot has been met with mixed reactions online.

The “Space Siren” photoshoot featured Saba Qamar in an all-black ensemble that screamed gothic glamour.

She donned a black beaded see-through corset paired with matching flair pants, exuding an air of mystique.

Her Y2K-inspired hairstyle, complete with black wraparound sunglasses, gave her an edgy and futuristic appearance.

Saba accessorized her look with a matching choker and black opera gloves adorned with metallic claws, reminiscent of Catwoman’s iconic style.

Embracing the “Space Siren” theme, Saba Qamar continued to captivate with another chic outfit. This time, she sported a mini skirt paired with a matching blazer and a black tube top beneath, teasing a hint of her legs while wearing over-the-knee (OTK) boots.

The ensemble was further elevated by her choice of spit curls, statement earrings, and steampunk glasses with chains that hung down elegantly.

Saba Qamar shared her thoughts about the experience with a bit of poetry as she wrote,

You thought you’d alienate me I’d flip, I rise from the ashes, just a small dip. Topple me over with your glitchy gimmick? Beat you at your own game, I’m the biggest mimic. I had a few tricks up my sleeve, little did you know. Now take a backseat babe, ’cause it’s a solo show.

While Saba Qamar’s bold fashion choices have garnered applause from many, the photoshoot has also ignited mixed reactions online.

Some have praised the actress for her audacious and creative style, celebrating her ability to break boundaries and embrace unconventional fashion. However, others have expressed reservations, suggesting that the look may border on the provocative or obscene.

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