Sadia Imam is Enjoying Quarantine With Her Daughter and Nieces [Pictures]

They are a cute little bunch.

Quarantine time can be so much fun if you have some quality time with your family. For far too long, we have been stuck in the outside world. Now that our daily routine has been disrupted, we have come to realize that life doesn’t need to be this hectic. Don’t you think?

Taking a pause from her busy life, television host and actress Sadia Imam enjoyed some fun time with her daughter and nieces.

Sadia’s twin nieces turned 19 a few days ago. To celebrate their ‘quarantine’ birthday, they all gathered together and had a small party.

“I remember this day, from 19 years ago, when Allah blessed me with two princesses, like it was yesterday?,” she wrote a loving letter.

Birthday girls with their aunt.

“I started to find happiness in your happiness, mischief in your mischief, in your mistakes, i bettered my own and found my achievements, in yours.”

“And look at us now, 19 years later, and its all still the same. Looking at you both is life, laughing with you both is like breathing.”


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“Shukriya, Allah, for blessing me and our family with these two ‘angels’? I love you both so much, my jaans. Happiest birthday to you both. May you have many more♥️ Love, Saadu.”

And here are some mother-daughter moments.



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