Sajal Aly Takes on the Role of Fatima Jinnah in Upcoming Series

Sajal Aly will star as Fatima Jinnah in an upcoming biographical series based on the Partition by writer and director Danial K. Afzal.



Actress Sajal Aly is set to star in an upcoming period drama about Pakistan’s Madr-e-Millat. The 28-year-old actress will play the role of Fatima Jinnah. The show is about the events leading to Pakistan’s independence and Partition from India, from Fatima Jinnah’s perspective.

Other notable names attached to the project are Samiya Mumtaz, Sundus Farhan and even Dananeer Mobeen, who’ll be playing different characters. This is certainly an interesting project that will tell Fatima’s life story in 3 seasons from pre-Independence to post-Independence.

“Fatima Jinnah is a figure that has not been touched before,” Writer and Director Danial K. Afzal told reporters. “Knowing how women-centric stories are sold and taken to a higher esteem in Pakistan, I think she will be creating quite a ripple effect.”

Sajal Aly is one of the top stars of the Pakistan showbiz industry. She is not only prominent in Pakistan but also across the border and even in Hollywood. Her recent film Khel Khel Mein was a blockbuster hit all over the country. The star is soon going to be seen in the Hollywood rom-com film What’s Love Got To Do With It. The Dhoop Ki Dewaar star is also honored to be in the top 10 Asian stars in 2021.

What are your thoughts about a period drama with Sajal Aly playing our nation’s Madr-e-Millat? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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