Sajjad Ali Has A Novel Idea to Keep Music Alive During Coronavirus Scare

Do you agree with him?


Sajjad Ali is calling for a music revolution in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The singer is calling on fans to participate in online concerts.

The Chef Saab singer explained that since most of us are in quarantine that doesn’t mean we’ll give up things we love like concerts. Yet as a responsible citizen he knows how to work a crowd while practicing social distancing. His idea? Online concerts.


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Is this idea plain crazy or does this have some merit to it? The Idea is actually pretty great, but not exactly new. We already have digital networking events. So why can’t we have an online concert?

So we made a list of pros of this practice to get you on board.

  • No catching Coronavirus
  • No worrying about cut-pockets
  • Even introverts can come
  • You just pay for the ticket. No additional miscellaneous charges
  • Better audio quality
  • Everyone gets a good view, one tier tickets
  • No harassment.

This practice would in a way be like a live streamer’s live show, and virtually set up. Yet there would audience requests much like a live streamer’s show.



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So what about funding? Sajjad Ali announced that;

“If any sponsors want to join in and wants to become a part of the revolution, they’re most welcome.”

What do you think of Sajjad Ali and his idea of holding concerts online? Let us know in the comments below.