Sana Javed and Mohib Mirza To Star in Upcoming Drama ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’

They will be sharing the screen-space for the first time on television

Avid watchers of Pakistani dramas…hold onto your seats as actors Mohib Mirza and Sana Javed are set to star in an upcoming drama serial Neeli Zinda Hai. The new ARY Digital show will feature a unique story with some unexpected twists and turns that will leave you glued to your screens.

While most drama serials are focused on the same old ‘saas-bahu’ plots, this isn’t a surprise that the majority of audiences are also saas and bahus. People are anxious for producers and writers to come up with original and out-of-the-box content that is both refreshing and progressive. It seems like ARY Digital and Six Sigma Productions are looking to do just that with the upcoming drama Neeli Zinda Hai.


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Neeli Zinda Hai is a drama that is going to hit our TV screens in the near future. Featuring Mohib Mirza and Sana Javed pairing up for the first time. According to the sources, Neeli Zinda Hai is going to be a thriller with a nail-biting storyline. The drama will also feature talented stars like Sonia Mishal and Jinaan Hussain.

Directed by the man behind Tich Bitton and Prem Gali, Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Adeel Razzaq, this drama is going to be a horror show! Actress Sonia Mishal took to her social media account on Instagram to reveal her new erie look for the show. Check it out:



Actress Sana Javed also shared her look for the drama, what fans speculate as the titular character of ‘Neeli’:



Are you excited to see Sana and Mohib pair up for this interesting drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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