Sanam Chaudhry Throws Hubby A Birthday Bash [Pictures]

As the clock struck 12……

Actress Sanam Chaudhry organized an intimate birthday celebration for her husband Somee Chohan and we’re thinking low-key is the right way to go about it.

The couple even had an intimate wedding ceremony with just family back in 2019. It’s these low-key settings that allow for fairytale moments to happen.


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Aside from pouring her heart out in her birthday wishes, the Meer Abro actress gave her beau a bouquet of flowers, and plenty of gifts at midnight, and of course many ‘true love’s kisses’.


Soon after the clock struck 12 and the cake was out of the way, Somee Chohan wasted no time tearing open all his gifts.


It’s really the sentiment that counts when it comes to moments like this. That’s where the magic lies

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Coming back to the emotional birthday wishes, Sanam poured her heart out about how she’s crazy in love. She also talked about raising their son together and growing old toegther.

“I love you like the whole world on one side and you on the other, I would only chooooose you !!!! Love you like crazyyy shruuu se 🥰😂😍
Happy birthday @someechohan
Together May we grow old and raise the best human (our kid) .. Ammeen”


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If your heart can’t get enough of this, the couple’s wedding anniversary is also in November. Can’t wait to see what they have planned for that.

Recently when the parents were blessed with a baby boy, Shahveer, they organized a reveal party for their son. Aside from that the couple normally opts for intimate settings to make memories.

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