Sanam Chaudhry Gets Married To Her Best Friend [Pictures]

They look cute together.


After plenty of rumors that Sanam Chaudhry will end up marrying her best friend Noor Hassan, the actress tied the knot to her ‘forever‘.

Sanam Chaudhry posted pictures of her nikkah on Instagram, leaving fans wondering who is the lucky guy? Well wonder no more because we got details.


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Somee Chohan is a Punjabi singer and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. The man didn’t waste time sharing his special day with his fans either.

This was a long time coming, we just didn’t pay attention.


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Somee Chohan birthday wish for Sanam Chaudhry said it all;

“Happy Birthday to one of the real person I’ve ever met ❤️ @sanamchauhdry
GOD bless you, Khush raho”


Sanam Chaudhry even shared her beau’s tracks

They both met ‘the one’ and didn’t waste time putting a ring on it. Now it’s official!


The wedding seems like a family affair. From the sister squad to moments with Sanam’s mother.

Kids manage to take up attention anywhere.

Of course, the highlight was the couple’s megawatt smiles.

There you go folks, another one gets hitched this wedding season.


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