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Sanam Jung Shares Her Weight Loss Journey During Ramadan [Video]

Here’s what she did.

sanam jung weight loss journey

Sanam Jung’s post-pregnancy weight loss transformation has been motivating her fans for some years now. What is more significant is that her journey has continued on since then because it’s not just about losing weight, but about feeling good about oneself.

During the month of Ramadan, Sanam created her YouTube channel to share her tips, diet, and to answer some questions about her weight loss. The channel was created to motivate and support her fans who are struggling to stay healthy.

It’s All About Being Comfortable

In her recent episode, Sanam Jung shares her weight loss journey which began with the first of Ramadan. She started off with 68 Kgs, and avoided all the fried food and sugary stuff. But it wasn’t easy for her at all.

“I follow a diet plan which is designed by my doctor and nutritionist Areej. I also tried following different recipes on the internet, but there was a point when I was exhausted and I couldn’t do it more.

So I started eating a bit more than I usually ate sometimes… Due to this, my weight loss process has been slowed down. Last time I remember I was 66.1 kgs and this time I am 64.9 kgs. In one week, I lost one kg and it’s pretty healthy. I am happy with it.”


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The purpose of telling this to her viewers is to keep them focused on their journey as well.

“By making this video, I want to inform that you must get motivated and do what suits you,” she further added.

Talking about the importance of exercise, she said,

“Exercise is very important and its going side by side. It’s not just to lose weight but it makes you feel good. I will say don’t leave exercise. Go for a walk, cycling, jogging, do whatever you like, just keep moving.”

You can check the whole thing here:


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