Sanam Jung Writes Heartfelt Message For Her Mother [Pictures]

The daughter pays tribute.

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is among one of Pakistan’s most well-known actresses. Be it the time when she was a VJ at Play TV or her hosting sessions from Jago Pakistan Jago, she has been a fan favorite for as long as we can remember.

Married in 2016, Sanam is now a mother to a 3-year-old daughter named Alaya, whom she adores so much. Sanam’s social media profile details some of the fun adventures this mother and daughter duo experience in their daily life.

Recently her sister Amna Jung got married and Sanam is more than happy for her. She has been sharing the photographs from the day on her Instagram, and we can see the bond she shares with her family, especially her mother.

In a recent Instagram post, Sanam shared some photographs of her mother and wrote a heartwarming thank you note for her mother.

The Dil e Muztar actress started her message with a cute revelation, “FYI: I made her bun.”

“There was a time when she used to dress me up and make my hair. Look how times have changed Ami!!.”

Sanam continued her message by reminiscing about her childhood. She praised her mother for raising her and her siblings in the best possible manner and always showing her bright side to the family.

“When I look at you smiling, it reminds me of how you have raised us in the best possible way under different circumstances .I have seen you excel your professional as well as your personal life.Looking after four crazy girls along with a loving yet strong headed husband must have been a tough task..”

Sanam concluded her post by saying that her mother is the strongest woman she has ever seen and that she deserves the best.


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About Sanam Jung

Sanam started her career as a VJ and slowly made a name for herself in the fields of acting, modeling, and as a TV show host. Her debut drama Dil e Muztar earned her massive popularity and success.

Currently, she is playing the lead role of Saira in Hum TV’s ongoing drama Mein Na Janoo. She is performing alongside Zahid Ahmed, Affan Waheed and Komal Aziz Khan.


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