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Sania Mirza’s Movie Will Focus On Her Journey as a Tennis Superstar

The movie is getting made.

sania mirza movie

Good news for fans of the female tennis star. The Sania Mirza movie comes one step closer to becoming reality.

The rights for the biopic of the Indian tennis star have finally been secured by Ronnie Screwvala’s company RSVP.

About the Sania Mirza Movie

Rights for the ace tennis player’s biopic were being negotiated for months. Finally RSVP has obtained the rights to make a film the tennis star Sania Mirza.

This is only phase one as right now no production house is interested in making a biopic on Sania Mirza. The company still fought for the rights before finally bagging them.

Details of the agreement were kept pretty vague and we don’t know much. What we do know is that Sania has signed the agreement meaning she agreed to what it has to say.

“There were a few clauses in the agreement which were discussed in detail. There are clauses like the right to portray real events, use real characters from the life of Sania and also the right to fictionalize the life and events, and the right to add or delete characters from the life of the personality in the film. These were clauses that took a while for Sania to sign but eventually, the deal was sealed and the makers have now issued a public notice regarding the same on Sunday.”

This includes clauses on how Sania’s life will be portrayed.The agreement covers subjects like the use of real characters from her life, the right to fictionalize real life events, and the right to add or delete characters from her life in the film.

This is interesting though. Any chance we could see the Sania Mirza son in the movie as well?


Sania Mirza Shares First Clear Look at Her Son and We’re Here for It

Details of who would be the best choice to play the tennis star have not been confirmed either. While there are plenty of suggestions, rumor has it the sportswoman may play herself in the film.

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