Sania Mirza Surprises Shoaib Malik with a ‘Call’ During Live Show

Shoaib is currently leading the team of Multan in Jeeto Pakistan League, when his wife paid a surprise ‘visit.’

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza have been married for 11 years and they are the perfect example of a power couple. Both of them lead successful careers and have made a mark for themselves in their respective fields. These days we are seeing Shoaib leading the team of Multan in Jeeto Pakistan League. He was taken by surprise when his wife made a sudden appearance!


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How did Sania Mirza surprise her husband?

During the Baat Banti Hae segment, Fahad Mustafa got a very special call. This call was by none other than by Sania Mirza Malik. However, the funny part is that Shoaib failed to recognize his wife’s voice and said it is someone else.

He was quite shocked when Sania said, “I am Sania Mirza Malik, and did my husband just fail to recognize me?” Shoaib immediately started apologizing for his mistake and we saw a very cute moment on television. She even said, “Ghar tou Ao”

Hence proven that even celebrities are normal human beings who make silly mistakes sometimes. Everyone really enjoyed this candid banter between the two and Fahad Mustafa cashed the moment perfectly by delivering a solid punchline!

Meanwhile, the Jeeto Pakistan League is going ahead with full steam and the competition is neck to neck. Let us know which team are you supporting.

Here is the complete video of this adorable encounter.


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