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Sargodha Woman Gives Birth to 6 Babies After Trying for 7 Years

We guess some congratulations are in order.


After waiting for more than seven years, a Pakistani couple has been blessed with 6 babies all at once. The miraculous birth happened in District Sargodha, Punjab.

According to the hospital administration, this is the first case of its kind in the history of the district.

The husband and wife had been trying for years to conceive. Someone just answered their prayers in spades.


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Sargodha Woman and the Miraculous Births

As per the available details, a lady named Ghazala Bibi was brought to a private clinic in Sargodha city. She ended up giving birth to sextuplets, which is 6 children in one go. The children include four boys and two girls.

The families of the lucky couple expressed their happiness after hearing the good news following seven long years of wait. Keeping up with the traditional norms, they also distributed sweets.

This hospital has proved lucky for couples. Before this, another woman had given birth to five children at once in at the same hospital. She may not be the first Sargodha woman to give birth to multiple babies, but we do believe she’s blessed all the same.

Written by Arslan Khattak


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