‘Sasta Feroze Khan’: Netizens Troll Haroon Kadwani For His Overacting In Ruposh

‘When you order something online,’ said one troll comment!

Netizens roast young actor Haroon Kadwani for his over-the-top performance in the Geo telefilm Ruposh. The claims goes from being the new, younger version of Feroze Khan to being something you order from an online store!

Haroon Kadwani is a young Pakistani star who made his small-screen debut back in 2017. He is the son of acclaimed producer Abdullah Kadwani who has produced some of GEO’s biggest dramas. Many drama fanatics call Haroon’s casting a curious case of nepotism and attribute his casting in famous telefilms to this factor only.

Though he is still relatively new to the showbiz industry, people in the business are already dubbing him as a new, younger version of the popular star Feroze Khan. This feels a bit premature as Haroon has yet to make his mark in the business.

However, the new nickname seems to have gone over the young star’s head. This is pretty much evident in his latest performance in the Geo telefilm Ruposh (again, produced by his dad). Haroon goes “all out” in this scene, channeling “inspiration” to give the audience some really “raw” emotions on screen. Check it out!

Certainly an Oscar-worthy performance, Haroon Kadwani is living up to his mantle as the “next Feroze Khan”, albeit a sasta version according to fans. Here is an “in-depth” analysis of Haroon’s performance by netizens on social media.

Well, we certainly hope Haroon Kadwani goes on to become the next big star instead of being labeled another wannabe Feroze Khan. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Isko kon Feroze Khan se mila raha hai…aur kyun.?FK tau khaasa manjha hua actor hai…uski tauheen kyun kar rahay hain?Ye tau abba ki seerhi se ooper janay ke chakkar main hai

    • As mentioned above, it’s a bit too early to give any judgements. Well that’s how people learn….by making mistakes.
      Now it’s up to him ie Haroon Kadwani, whether he learns this lesson or continues to make the same mistakes or gets disheartened.
      But he surely needs to step out of his Papaz shade.

  2. He is a new actor and evey new actor need time to come from bottom to top and by the way the the actor who has now become so famous in the industry were also the same and why are you only sowing hate comments also show the good opinion as well

  3. He is not bad though
    People troll others as they are expert in acting
    We will have to give him some time
    It is still his second project so acc to that he did pretty well and the character is also written like this

  4. Yaar aisay logon ko atleast kuon aqal nahi atii ajj ke feroz khan bannay k chakkar main Kadwani’s jese hum sab jantay hain Drama industry k Legend thAy feroz bannay k chakkar main Abdullah sir K name k saath justice nahi kar rahay yeh…
    Yaar i remembered fahad mustafa said once that i starting he used to iron Actors cloths and from Ironing cloths to First appearance it wa 7 years of hard work ajj usko agr 3 to 4 Millions ARY pay krty hai

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