Shahrukh’s Fans Want Him to Recreate His Character and Bring Indo-Pak Peace

From reel life to real life.


After IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan was released on March, many Indians rejoiced. Bollywood’s Badshah Shahrukh Khan also was amongst them.

After the pilot’s release, Shahrukh Khan put out a heartfelt message on what it means to return home.

Shahrukh Khan’s Response Was Better

While most of Bollywood had been warmongering post-Pulwama attack, the Badshah of Bollywood was regal and mature in comparison.

While King Khan’s response to Bahinandan’s return was fitting, his fans have another idea in mind for him regarding this situation.

One particular fan reminded SRK of his role in ‘Main Hoon Na.’ In the film, Shahrukh Khan helps avoid war between India and Pakistan, and some of us believe that he can do the same in real life.

They alluded to one of his most famous dialogues from the film:

Basically, in the film, Shahrukh Khan says that Pakistan has put forward their hands for friendship, and that is preferable to 70 more years of hostilities. He may have been talking about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent gesture for talks!

This wasn’t a performance and the crowd went wild. Of course, now fans are rooting for SRK to re-enact his famous dialogue from Main Hoon Na in these turbulent times.


And then came the memes:


Top Shahrukh Khan Movies of All Time

While fans loved the idea, others pointed out how King Khan couldn’t muster a thank you for Pakistan.


Major Ram Prasad Sharma’s Peace-Winning Dialogue

Back in 2004 Farah Khan’s direction, Main Hoon Na featured SRK as the undercover Major Ram  Prasad Sharma. In the movie, Pakistan also released captured Indians which was followed by Shahrukh Khan’s now-famous dialogue.

“Aaj barson main pehli baar Pakistan ne dosti ka haath barhaya hai, aaj hath peechay hatanay ka matlab aglay 70 saal ki dushmani”

In an ideal world, this could be Pakistan and India, neighbors who live in peace and are on a path to prosperity. Celebrities like Shahrukh Khan give us hope that such a world is possible. The alternative is too painful to think of.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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