Shainera Akram’s Urdu Sabzi Challenge is Making us Swoon

Desi George tried but Bhabi won by a right swing

Shaniera Akram

Pakistanis are an interesting bunch. We’re welcoming and family-oriented and that’s exactly how Shaniera Akram ended up as ‘Pakistan ki Bhabi’. We take even more pride in the fact at how well she’s adjusted to our culture and now, even her Urdu is making us swoon.

Pakistanis are gushing over a Twitter video of former Pakistani cricket captain Waseem Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram trying to identify vegetables in Urdu.

In the video Shaniera Akram and a British man namely George Fulton are facing off in a match of who can correctly recognize vegetables with the names in Urdu.

If that wasn’t cute enough, the two even threw in a couple sentences in Urdu. We’re glad that our Bhabi came out victorious in the duel.

They both won, but meh……….


Another challenge from the crowd this time.

The clip shared by George Fulton on Twitter was just a snippet of the whole thing. You can watch the full episode on George’s YouTube Channel Desi George.

Here are what people are saying over YouTube:

It’s pretty obvious YouTube thinks Bhabi won.Good effort by George though.



Or maybe we can go with a tie. some good sportsmanship here besides the brawl for Gobbi.

Although the YouTube channel goes by the name of Desi George, Shaniera Akram often teams up with Fulton to make these videos. While there’s an abundance of channels that showcase cultures in other countries like in Korea and Japan, not many of those exist for Pakistan.

We Pakistanis love our culture and tradition. We like sharing it even more. Whilst Shaniera, a new addition to our ranks, is pitching in for Pakistan, there’s no doubt that she continues to win our hearts and minds.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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