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Sham Idrees Almost Got Beaten Up By Ducky Bhai’s Fans in Karachi [Video]

Another meet and greet gone sour for the TouTuber…

Sham Idrees almost got a whopping from Ducky Bhai’s fans and clips of the fiasco are making rounds on the Internet (nothing to be proud of folks!).

A lot of people know that Sham Idrees had a meet and greet planned at Ocean’s Mall Karachi. What no one expected was the arrangement to fail, and that too so badly.

Another day, another Ducky vs. Sham feud.

From the moment the Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber Sham Idrees arrived at the venue to his not-so-golden exit, the crowd was chanting pro-Ducky slogans. The Ducky vs Sham fans didn’t stop there.

Besides the harmless insults hurled towards the YouTuber, there was a bombardment of abuses as well.


Sham Idrees and Froggy’s Latest Prank is Cringe-worthy of All Kinds

The most unfortunate incident that occured was definitely when Ducky’s fans almost beat up Sham.

Based on the videos posted online,Sham jumped a security barrier to pursue someone who had hurled profanities his way. That’s when Ducky fans almost got him, but he was saved by the security.

Not The First Time

While this feels like the first time, it isn’t.

Ducky vs Sham fanatics soiled Sham Idrees’ gig (stole his thunder) once before as well. Ducky fans also stormed the Youtuber’s meet and greet at Islamabad’s Giga Mall.

While the Islamabad public did raise pro-Ducky slogans, they did not attempt to physically assault Sham.

Rather than call out the blatant ‘badtameezi‘ one of the Youtubers at the event with Sham Idrees Shahmeer Abbas went with ‘fight fire with name calling‘. The Youtuber claimed the event was a huge success (maybe he spelled embarrassment wrong?). He claimed that 8000-9000 people showed up.

He then called the people who vlogged the whole Pro-Ducky ordeal ‘sastey YouTubers’.

Where It all Started

That brings us to where the Ducky vs. Sham feud started.

Around a year ago, Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai made a video exposing Sham Idrees’ prank vlogs as well as copying ideas from others. Particularly the whole Sham vs. Froggy vlogs.


Pakistani-Canadian YouTube Stars Sham Idrees and Froggy Tie the Knot

This video blew up, with both Sham and Froggy losing subscribers. That’s when Sham and Froggy called Pakistani YouTubers ‘chotay Youtubers‘ for calling out the scam. That’s when Pakistan lost it (we rag on each other but no one else gets to).

Earlier this year, Ducky and other YouTubers that exposed the Sham vs Froggy series apologized for the profane exchange of words.

Ducky vs Sham
Ducky vs Sham ends with Ducky Bhai’s apology

Sham Idrees also apologized in return but added that ‘the truth will be exposed’ (not much of an apology).

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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