Shamoon Demands Censors To Reverse Ban on “Durj”

The screening of the film is banned in Pakistan.


Shamoon Abbasi, actor and director par excellence, has urged authorities to consider his film ‘Durj’ for a full board review. He made these remarks during an interview with a local TV channel.

Shamoon’s comment came after the Islamabad censor board banned his much-awaited film. The movie had already received clearance from Sindh and Punjab boards.

During the interview, Shamoon urged the Islamabad authorities to spell out the reasons his film was banned from screening.

“Sindh Censor board member Umer Khitab Khan viewed the film, and he stated in an interview on Samaa TV that Durj has nothing objectionable and Sindh board and Punjab board issued clearance certificates, then why Islamabad has imposed a complete ban on it,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

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The ‘Waar’ actor highlighted that neither ‘Durj’ had any obscene visuals, nor it showed bloodshed or promoted any vulgarity.

He mentioned that ‘Durj’ was an informative movie “that discussed the mental health of people involved in crimes like cannibalism.”

He asserted that the film could prove to be a stepping stone towards the betterment of Pakistan’s film industry.


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