Shehzad Roy Politely Corrects Anupam Kher Over Viral Video Claim

Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy has cleared Bollywood actor Anupam Kher’s misconception regarding a viral video. A group of musically talented children from Hunza are taking the Internet by storm with their rendition of Aao Bacho Sair Karain Tum Ko Pakistan Ki. However, the Indian actor claimed that they are from a village in India and are playing a military song.

On August 18, the veteran actor shared a video of the talented kids and claimed that they were from India. He lauded their dedication and wrote,

“Some kids in a village in India have formed their own band together. This band does not have any modern equipment. And what a tune they have chosen! of the military band. Because they know that ‘the real power lies in the heart!!’ Hail to these children. Where are these children?”

Shehzad Roy politely corrected his misconception and said that he had shared the video a few days ago. He went on to correct him and shared that they actually belong to Hunza, Pakistan and he is in touch with them.

Thanking him for his concern and appreciation for the talent, the singer wrote,

“Sir, thanks for sharing the video I shared a few days back. You say that these talented kids are from Bharat, a humble correction; these kids are from Hunza, Pakistan. I am in touch with them and have sent them all the musical instruments they need.”


Earlier, on August 11, Shehzad Roy had shared the same video on social media and asked his fans to find the whereabouts of these kids so he could provide them the instruments they need.


Written by Munazza Mehmood

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