Fatima Sohail and Mohsin Abbas Haider Get Khula From Lahore Court

The end of a domestic abuse case.


For months, domestic abuse allegations against actor Mohsin Abbas Haider by Fatima Sohail have dominated the headlines.

Today, the case against Mohsin has reached its legal conclusion after Lahore Family Court granted khula to Fatima Sohail, paying the way for a parting of ways by her and Mohsin.

Mohsin and Fatima, along with their lawyers, appeared at the Lahore Family Court earlier today. Fatima told Judge Badar Nadeem that she can no longer stay with Mohsin due to their differences.

Haider also issued a similar statement in court:

“I, too, no longer wish to remain with Fatima Sohail. We have no reservations; the court should issue the decree.”

Background of Case Against Mohsin Abbas Haider

In July this year, Fatima Sohail went public with a graphic video that alleged that husband Mohsin had beaten her. The video on Facebook went viral. Fatima further alleged that Haider was cheating on her with emerging actress Nazish Jehangir.

Some celebrities also came out in support of Fatima Sohail. Mohsin denied these allegations.


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