Sindh High Court Overturns Ban on ‘Jalan’

The drama serial will be allowed to telecast its last episode.


The Sindh High Court (SHC) has overruled PEMRA’s ban on drama serial Jalan.

The ban was overturned after appeals by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ARY Digital, Jerjees Seja and actor Fahad Mustafa. Both approached the SHC to overturn the ban.

According to the SHC, they can overturn the ban on drama serial Jalan because ‘PEMRA’s job is regulation not banning content’.


PEMRA Bans Drama Serials ‘Ishqiya’ And ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay’

Previously PEMRA banned drama serials Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay from re-runs over questionable content. At first, drama serial Jalan was let off with a warning.

Amid the ban on Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay there were public complaints about why Jalan, a drama serial about a woman ‘stealing’ her brother-in-law from her sister, was given just a warning.

PEMRA finally banned the drama serial after a recent episode showcasing the central character seducing her brother-in-law and initiating extra-marital relations with him.


However, the ban was shortlived as SHC has overturned it. Audiences that had been urging for a ban on the show for long are definitely disappointed.

How will the public react to SHC removing the ban on Jalan?


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  1. These people inculcating filthy ideas in the raw minds. These actors and actresses should have a heart and don’t run after money. Have some moral values.

  2. The Pemra should now start reading the scripts and then allow shooting.
    The crew and actors work very hard for plays and movies.

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