PEMRA Bans Drama Serials ‘Ishqiya’ And ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay’

The regulatory body believes they had ‘indecent content’.

The electronic media watchdog, PEMRA has decided to ban hit drama serials Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay, stating that the two shows had ‘indecent content’.

It is pertinent to note that the two TV shows had successfully aired on ARY Digital and Hum TV. However, the authority has now deemed that any repeat telecast of the aforementioned shows will not be allowed on their respective parent channel.

The Pakistani entertainment industry has been enjoying quite a success in recent times with several hit drama serials captivating audiences nationwide. Critics are of the view that as different productions and writers do their best to push the envelope and create groundbreaking content, measures like the recent one from PEMRA may be detrimental to the industry here.


PEMRA Lays Out What Kind of TV Dramas Should Be Aired

Recently, the PEMRA decided to ban ARY Digital’s Ishqiya and Hum TV’s Pyar Kay Sadqay, criticizing the two dramas for promoting content that is against the morals of society. The regulatory authority issued the notification on Friday via social media.


Observers say that the move comes as a surprise, that PEMRA would now choose to ban these shows even though the two drama serials have aired on TV to great success and have finished. The notification states that any repeat telecast of these two dramas on ARY Zindagi and HUM Sitary is prohibited.

Furthermore, PEMRA is also reviewing complaints filed against another ARY Digital drama serial that is currently ongoing, Jalan.

It remains to be seen what action is taken against the show.

What do you think about PEMRA’s ban on these popular TV shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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    • This is very good step that PRMRA has taken. One more important step that PEMRA must take is to make sure that violence should not be shown in any drama serial especially against women or children bcz young people or depressed people can easily adopt such acts.

    • i don’t why they banned these shows , I mean we already don’t have enough content to show on TV as these show are not that much bad to be get banned . There are some other shows that needs to be banned like all the morning shows , i mean WTH are they teaching us , they don’t even spread any knowledge neither entertainment. Morning shows are the target that need to be banned . Pemra should also have to take notice about Tv Channels for not launching any shows for kids , i mean like we are living in 21st century and there is not even a single science show for kids , all they have is that show called “Bulbulay” which only shows lame comedy stuff.

    • Oh really mr. Tariq ye society ko khrab kr re hain pr jo mujre chlty hain tv p wo kuch n krty ?? Muh utha ktm jse log ajaty hain comments krne k han han blkl thk kiya jb k haqeekat m tm mrd sare nazren nche kr ke ti n chlty o ge na pemra ko ye chezen nzr ati hai but ko mujre khufya chlty jga jga us k bare m to andha o jata h pemra nonsense

  1. Better late than never, PEMRA should ban all dramas showing saali/behnoye, bahu/susar, bhabi/dewar etc affairs. Please we don’t want to watch such immorality so don’t make it normal by showing it. Respect!

  2. These days our dramas are becoming more indecent they should be banned internationally now ppl are criticing these dramas n saying now pk dramas has no moral values likes in past

  3. Too late, the dramas were already aired. Taking action now will unnecessarily give importance to these shows and people who did not watch will try to watch!!! PEMRA unfortunately totally failed to control media and its performance has always been extremely disappointing. The channels and production houses should be fined if they do not do self censor and act responsibly.

  4. Thanks God Pemra is waking up. Our dramas have become stagnant…story revolving around a few topics….love affairs, extra marital affairs, elopement of a girl with a boy, divorce, illicit relationships, conflict between mother and daughter in law etc…
    There are so many burning issues being faced by the society…the producers should stop picking stories from digests….where are writers like Noor ul Huda, Amjad Islam Amjad, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Munoo Bhai, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Ashfaq Ahmed, Bano Qudsia or have we become such a deprived nation that after these stalwarts we cant produce writers of their stature and have to rely on TRASH.

  5. Looks like PEMRA officials we not paid for their ‘services’ to air these dramas. there is much worst on internet (falls under electronic media/ streaming-media) available. PEMRA if really want to filter … shouldn’t ignore streaming-contents.

    & if PEMRA is awaken now …. that’s surprising cool!

  6. U r absolutely right!!! They should also ban violence scenes in dramas bcz many people adopt it and children learn many things from TV.

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