Sindh Minister’s Solution to Locust Attack Is Eating Insects

As Sindh government waits on federal government to do something

locust attack insects in sindh

The United Nations warned of a locust outbreak on both sides of the Red Sea. While others scramble to do some damage control, Sindh’s Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahoo suggested that we should just eat them.

A handout issued on Thursday quoted Ismail Rahoo as saying that:

Locusts ‘are as tasty as shrimps’.

Insects for Food

While the consumption of insects is not uncommon in Asia, people from the subcontinent are a bit reserved on the matter.



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Locust, on the other hand, has been a culinary delicacy in Asia, and in Africa in the past. It was only because of the use of pesticides that led to the species dying down. People stopped eating them in Africa as a result.

Some two decades ago. eating locust was common in Thar. If it comes to it, the protein-rich insect might become part of the daily diet.

The Controversial Remarks

Regarding the recent remarks made by the Sindh Agriculture Minister, people think that he was more concerned with mocking his constituents instead of suggesting it as a serious alternative.

Locust attacks have been reported in Khairpur, Sanghar, Nawabshah, Matiari and Jamshoro.



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Sindh’s Agriculture Minister did announce deployment of air and ground pesticide to control the spread of infestation to Sindh’s cotton fields.

The Sindh government wrote to the federal administration and Suparco (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) to carry out an aerial application of pesticides.

Rahoo demanded that the federal authorities concerned should deploy a special team for the purpose. According to the minister, the Sindh government had deployed field teams and declared emergency wherever the locust attack had occurred.


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The Sindh government is waiting on the federal government to take action despite the provincial authorities having the autonomy to do so.

The News quoted the provincial minister as saying that the attack on Sindh’s crops was identified in the first week of June.

Meanwhile, president of a local agriculture chamber, Khaskheli told Arab News the threat was identified on May, 25th.

“On 25th May, we spotted the locusts for the first time when they were about 18 km away from irrigated land in Sindh.”


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