Sonya Hussyn Finally Attends ‘Tich Button’ Promotional Event After Non-Payment Row

The actress seems to have come terms with producer Urwa Hocane.

Actress Sonya Hussyn was spotted with Farhan Saeed at Iqra University, Karachi, this week to promote their upcoming movie Tich Button. The star was seen interacting with fans in a stunning teal sari.

Here are a few glimpses from the meet and greet:


The singer-turned-actor also shared a post on his Instagram account, thanking the fans for such a warm welcome. He mentioned that he is looking forward to seeing them in cinemas when Tich Button is released on 25 November.

Sonya Hussyn had filed a lawsuit for payment disagreement against the producer of Tich Button, Urwa Hocane, last month. Later on, she appeared on a talk show on a private TV channel and discussed the nonpayment issue and said that both parties’ lawyers and associated persons were working on it.

Sonya Hussain stated that although the film is great and everyone has worked hard on it, she would not partake in its promotional events even after the payment matter is settled because she was not happy with the role she had in the film.

She remarked,

They also might ask me to come to future promotions and I most likely won’t do that.

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