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Sonya Hussyn, Yasra Rizvi Call Out Lux Style Awards for Disregarding Good Content

“Aren’t those double standards?,” asks Sonya Hussyn

Nominations for the 20th Lux Style Awards were announced last week. While the Awards recognized talents across the genres of Fashion, Music and TV, several prominent projects weren’t acknowledged at all. Pakistani actors Sonya Hussyn and Yasra Rizvi were quick to point out LSA’s disregard for ‘art’ and ‘meaningful content’.

Sonya Hussyn turned to social media to speak her mind out.

“It is very disappointing to see that a project like Saraab did not bag even a single nomination at the Lux Style Awards 2021,” she wrote. “We talk about the need for meaningful content that also educates the masses with real issues but when [such content is] finally created they’re hardly ever recognized/nominated for awards. Aren’t those double standards?”

Lux Style Awards


Lux Style Awards receives backlash from actors

She called out the organizers and jury of LSA for prioritizing popularity over the delivery of meaningful content. Highlighting some of her mega blockbuster dramas, she asked,

“Meaningful content or hit projects? [I] have never really understood the criteria for these award shows. If [it’s the] latter then why were some of my mega blockbuster dramas like Aesi Hai Tanhai (based on social media abuse), Nazo (based on child abuse), Ishq Zahe Naseeb (based on dual personality disorder), Shikwa (based on societal pressures that widows face) and Meri Guriya (based on child abuse) never considered at all in the past?”


“I’ve been silent for seven years but really, were none of these [dramas] deserving? Not even a single project? Anyhow, in a country where veteran artists are given lifetime achievement awards after they’re gone, then who am I to question?”



Yasra Rizvi shares her two cents

Aactor and writer Yasra Rizvi labelled it as ‘business’ and pointed out how businesses use art to serve its purpose but do not serve art or the artists.

“Lux is basically a beauty soap brand like any other business their primary focus must be to sell more products and maximize profit. No?,” she asked rhetorically. “Hence just like any other business they can use art to serve this very purpose but to serve art is probably not the purpose. Fair enough.”

Lux style awards


Earlier, Hadiqa Kiani shared that her debut TV serial Raqeeb Se didn’t get any acknowledgement at the Lux Style Awards 2021. But she is hopeful that “it may qualify” for an award next year. She also congratulated all the nominees.



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