Spotify Pakistan Celebrates World Music Day Highlighting Global Flavor Loved by Local Audiences

As avid music listeners and fans from across the globe celebrate World Music Day on June 21, Spotify continues to stand out in the local space as a global platform connecting listeners in Pakistan to a diverse array of their favorite music from around the world.

With over 100 million of tracks at their fingertips, Pakistani users have shown a strong love for international artists alongside their local favorites.

Global Music, Local Trends

On this World Music Day, Spotify is revealing listening data from January to June 2024, showcasing local trends and gravitation towards global music, and treating its fans with a data trove that reveals fascinating insights into the music tastes of Pakistanis.

Among the top global most-streamed artists from Pakistani users on Spotify, familiar names like Arijit Singh and Pritam lead the charts, showcasing the country’s affinity for Indian music. Shubh, Sidhu Moose Wala and Karan Aujla complete the list of top five most streamed international artists from Pakistan. These artists highlight cross-border musical preferences and Spotify’s role in promoting cultural exchange.

Once again, songs from across the border dominate the list of most streamed international tracks by Pakistani music fans in 2024. Leading the list are β€œHusn” by Anuv Jain and β€œPehle Bhi Main” by Raj Shekhar and Vishal Mishra. They are followed by β€œKing Shit” from Shubh, β€œIshq” by Faheem Abdullah and Rauhan Malik, and β€œVe Haaniyaan” by Avvy Sra, Danny, and Sagar.

Besides these tracks, three local songs including “Wishes” from Hasan Raheem, Talwiinder and Umair, β€œSadqay” by Aashir Wajahat, NAYEL and Nehal Naseem and β€œTu Hai Kahan” by AUR also feature in the Top 10 showcasing an interesting trend.

Continuation of the K-Pop Craze

According to Spotify’s listening data, the K-Pop phenomenon continues to capture the hearts of Pakistani listeners with remarkable growth. Since 2021 streams of K-Pop music in Pakistan surged by 290%, indicating a burgeoning interest in this genre.

The age demographics further reveal the extent of K-Pop’s popularity, with 55% of listeners falling within the 18-24 age bracket. This demographic is pivotal in driving the genre’s growth in the country.

The top 5 most-streamed K-Pop songs in Pakistan include hits like “Standing Next to You” by Jung Kook, “Love Me Again” by V, β€œSeven” by Jung Kook and Latto, β€œFRI(END)S” by V, and β€œChasing That Feeling” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER, showcasing the dominance of BTS members and other prominent K-Pop acts on Spotify’s charts.

BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and BLACKPINK, along with BTS members Jung Kook and V, rank among the most streamed artists. Popular K-Pop playlists include β€œThis is BTS”, β€œK-Pop ON! (온)”, β€œThis Is BLACKPINK”, β€œEnergy Booster: K-Pop”, and β€œK-POP for PK”, which is curated specifically for genre lovers in Pakistan.

Most-Streamed International Artists in Pakistan

  1. Arijit Singh
  2. Pritam
  3. Shubh
  4. Sidhu Moose Wala
  5. Karan Aujla

Most-Streamed Songs in Pakistan

  1. β€œHusn” by Anuv Jain
  2. β€œPehle Bhi Main” by Raj Shekhar, Vishal Mishra
  3. Wishes” by Hasan Raheem, Talwiinder, Umair
  4. β€œKing Shit” by Shubh
  5. β€œSadqay” by Aashir Wajahat, NAYEL, Nehal Naseem
  6. β€œTu Hai Kahan” by AUR
  7. β€œIshq” by Faheem Abdullah, Rauhan Malik
  8. β€œVe Haaniyaan” by Avvy Sra, Danny, Sagar
  9. β€œAkhiyaan Gulaab” by Mitraz
  10. β€œYou and Me” by ShubhΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Most-Streamed K-Pop Artists in Pakistan

  1. BTS
  2. Jung Kook
  3. V

Most-Streamed K-Pop Songs in Pakistan

  1. Standing Next to You” by Jung Kook
  2. Love Me Again” by V
  3. β€œSeven” by Jung Kook, Latto
  4. β€œFRI(END)S” by V
  5. β€œChasing That Feeling” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Most-Streamed K-Pop Playlists in Pakistan

  1. This Is BTS
  2. K-Pop ON! (온)
  3. This Is BLACKPINK
  4. Energy Booster: K-Pop
  5. K-POP for PK