Sunscreen: Top 5 Picks for Your Skin For This Sweltering Summer Season

Time to upgrade your skincare routine for the upcoming months. And the most important step of your skincare routine is sunscreen!


The summer sun has already hit Karachi and it is time to upgrade your skincare routine for the upcoming months. And the most important step of your skincare routine is sunscreen!

Sunscreens are often neglected but do you know that most of the skin damage is caused by the sun alone? Which is why you need to use a sunscreen that will protect your skin all year around.

Here we have a list of some cult favorites that people of all age groups enjoy using and rave about on social media. Let’s begin!


1. Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55

This sun lotion is a great option for people with oily, acne prone skin. It is broad spectrum, lightweight, non-greasy and won’t leave you with a white cast.


2. Spectraban SC SPF40 PA+++ Sunscreen Sebum Control Gel

This one is a personal favorite because of its clear gel texture. It is thick but non-greasy and is a great alternative for makeup primers during the day.




3. Bioré UV Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++

This one is a cult favorite Japanese sun essence that feels like magic on the skin. It’s hydrating, extremely lightweight and leaves a healthy glow.


4. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50+ PA++++

A sister to the Bioré UV Watery Essence, the Watery Gel is an even lighter sunscreen, more like a lotion. It absorbs super quickly and is great for oily skin types.


5. Spectra Block SPF60

Another hydrating addition to your skincare list is Spectra Block SPF60. It provides broad-spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB rays and also protects against hyperpigmentation, skin darkening, and premature ageing.

So which one of these are going to try this summer? Let us know in the comments.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

Writer by day, biryani enthusiast by night. Completely drowned into the world of K-pop.


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  1. you must need to be mention about SPF ,
    SPF is (Sun Protection Factor) ,Normally Daily uses SPF is 30 to 50, and Sea Side or Other Open explosion 50 to 90.

    Note use more then 50 SPF in Daily Routien , its burn or brown your skin.

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