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Superhero Horror Film “Brightburn” Releases Early in Pakistan

What if a child from another world became a villain?

Horror thriller film Brightburn is set for an early release in Pakistan.

The movie was due to come out in the United States on 24th May. However, given the interest of Pakistani cinema goers in Ramzan, the local distributors in charge of Brightburn have decided to release the superhero-horror movie a week earlier. In fact, you can watch it today in select theaters.

The movie is being distributed by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.

Here’s the trailer for the much-anticipated movie:


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About The Movie

Brightburn is hoping to blend two genres together – superhero movies with horror (like X-Men’s New Mutants). The film has been produced by Sony Pictures and Guardians of Galaxy film-maker James Gunn.

Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks and Jackson A Dunn in main roles.

The plot basically follows the story of ‘what if an extra-terrestrial raised on Earth turned out to be bad‘ (think an evil Superman).

The world is not a pretty place. If it can produce sociopaths amongst humans, then surely we have it within us to do the same to an extra-terrestrial migrant from outer space.

“I want to do good, mom. I do.”

Emerging film-maker David “Yarvo” Yarovesky is directing the movie. Brightburn is his second feature film after directing The Hive. Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn wrote the screenplay.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

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