‘Taana Baana’ Takes An Interesting Turn As Zain & Zoya Get Engaged

The fourth episode of the drama ‘Taana Baana’ turned out to be a promising watch

Although Taana Baana started on a slow note but it is suddenly gaining pace. We are really liking the brewing love story between Zain and Zoya. In the recent episodes, we saw Zain aka Danyal Zafar in his element as he professed his love to Zoya. And both of them get engaged.

Yes, everything is happening a bit too quickly but we’re happy with how the characters are making a place in our hearts.


Alizeh Shah and Danyal Zafar Look Adorable In a Shoot for ‘Tana Bana’

It won’t be wrong to say that Danyal Zafar is giving us a lot of Shahrukh Khan vibes in this drama. The way he smiles, the way he tries to charm the love of his life and then act all simple in front of his parents, these are such classic Bollywood traits that you definitely cannot unsee them.

Will Zoya accept Zain’s family traditions?

Apart from Danyal’s stellar looks, the plot is also moving forward swiftly. While Zain has open-heartedly declared his love for Zoya, the heroine is not ready to settle down on anything less. She drafts an entire document, stating her demands before she accepts Zain’s proposal.

Zain, being the passionate lover that he is, signs the document without even reading it. You must listen to his cliché dialogue before he does so. It makes us wonder why do writers overhype feeling of ‘love’, way too much.

What will the mother-in-law do?

Just in the fourth episode the hero and heroine are engaged. Although everyone is happy with Zain and Zoya’s match but the hero’s mother is a bit upset. She is not happy about this relationship and wants it to end as soon as possible. Will she act as a typical mother-in-law and create problems for her future bahu?


Only time will tell what will happen ahead, till then let us know in the comments what do you think about Taana Baana.


Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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