Tabish Hashmi Makes a Crude Joke Towards Mariyam Nafees on Live TV

The awkward moment went viral on the internet, sparking netizens’ disgust at the comedian.

Controversy has erupted surrounding comedian and host Tabish Hashmi after he made a crude joke towards actress Mariyam Nafees during his talk show Haarna Mana Hai on Geo TV.

In the midst of PSL 9 excitement, Tabish Hashmi’s show features cricket-related discussions and pop quizzes with various guests. In the latest episode, former cricketer Abdul Razzaq, PakWheels co-founder Suneel Munj, and actress Mariyam Nafees were invited.

During the show, Tabish quizzed Mariyam Nafees on which PSL teams she supports. When Mariyam mentioned her support for Islamabad and Lahore due to family ties, Tabish  Hashmi humorously prodded her about not supporting Karachi, her husband’s city. Mariyam Nafees responded that she doesn’t support Karachi Kings because they don’t perform well.

However, Tabish Hashmi took the exchange to an uncomfortable level by making a sexually suggestive comment on national television. He insinuated that Mariyam Nafees’ husband, being from Karachi, couldn’t “perform” as well, using the term in a suggestive context.

Mariyam Nafees, visibly shocked, could only manage an awkward smile in response to Hashmi’s crude remark. Tabish Hashmi swiftly changed the subject, but the moment quickly went viral across the internet, drawing criticism from viewers.

Social media users expressed their disgust at Hashmi’s inappropriate joke, with many condemning it as offensive and unprofessional. One user expressed their revulsion, questioning if Hashmi would be comfortable making such a remark towards Mariyam Nafees’ sister.

Amid the backlash, some attempted to downplay the incident, suggesting it was merely banter between friends. However, others rejected this justification, asserting that such remarks have no place on national television, regardless of the relationship between the individuals involved. Watch the full show here:

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism and sensitivity, especially in the realm of broadcast media.

Hashmi’s inappropriate comment has sparked a broader conversation about the boundaries of humor and decorum, prompting calls for accountability and greater awareness of social responsibility in entertainment.