The Aima Baig Scandal Sparks Hilarious Memes Online

These are some top-tier memes.

Internet erupts with hilarious memes after Aima Baig gets exposed by British model Taloulah Mair as a cheater.

Aima Baig is the talk of the town – for ALL the wrong reasons. Recently, the pop singer parted ways with her fiancé Shahbaz Shigri, announcing the news to the fans in an emotional statement.

However, there was a plot twist that NO ONE saw coming. A British model, Taloulah Mair came out to expose Aima Baig as a cheater. The UK diva went on a social media rant to target her Pakistani ex-boyfriend Qes Ahmed as nothing more than a womanizer and swindler.  During this, she dropped a bombshell, revealing that Qes was cheating with Aima Baig, who was engaged to Shahbaz at the time.

Not only that, Aima and Taloulah know each other and have had “interesting conversations”. As the news broke out, Aima Baig tried to shut down Taloulah by suspending her social media account. To which Taloulah reacted:

The British model went after Aima, exposing even more scandalous details about the Pakistani singer. Meanwhile, social media has erupted with hilarious memes to sum up this whole fiasco. For starters, the “boys” reached out to Shahbaz.

A “tiny” peek into Aima and Qes’s conversation on Instagram.

Well, one of them likes ‘ em Big’.

Now, we know why.

And, of course, the classic.

That was a low blow from Taloulah. LITERALLY!


Aima hasn’t responded, but this looks accurate.

*Me staring back to you while you read this*

It’s a lot to process.

Google Translate for Taloulah.

This netizen perfectly sums up the entire situation.