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The Best Sajjad Ali Songs for Your Listening Pleasure

From retro to mellow songs, the singer has done it all


Sajjad Ali is a Pakistani singer par excellence. We have all grown up listening to his timeless hits. There’s just something about these Sajjad Ali songs that transport you to the time you first heard them.

From upbeat 80s hits to mellow blues, Sajjad Ali’s vocals are incomparable to say the least. Having a smooth voice certainly helps with that.

And since you are here, lets take a journey through time with some of the best Sajjad Ali songs.

The Best Sajjad Ali Songs List

1. Tum Naraz Ho

Tum Naraz Ho is a funktastic love song. The lyrics are slow and the beat has bass, making it a rhythmic track. The Coke Studio remake of the song is more mellow. This song’s more about being on the brink of a break up.

2. Ronay Na Diya

This Coke Studio creation paired Sajjad Ali with Zaw Ali. The way their different voices and styles clash is what adds beauty to the song.

3. Tera Naam

Tere Naam too is one of the original songs from Coke Studio Season 10. The lyrics in particular are captivating.

The music was produced by Strings, which you can tell by the subtle change in the layers of the melody (replacing drums with strong strings in between).

4. Sajjad Ali, Din Pareshan Hai

Sajjad Ali’s Din Pareshan Hai starts with the usual drill, speaking of long days and sleepless nights. But the way Sajjad Ali pours out the lyrics is both sweet, buttery and addictive.

The song was featured in the feature film Bol.

5. Jhoolay Laal

Jhoolay Laal is a sufi track with a folk beat. It is truly a cultural treat. It was later re-produced by Coke Studio.

But nothing compares to the original track, which captures the true spirit of the song.

6. Paniyon Mein

This song from a decade ago is apparently a love song. It speaks about any relationship or a bond of any kind in life and the struggle to keep it going. The struggle to move on as well.

7. Sohni Lagdi

The track was featured in a movie titled Aik Aur Love Story. The film was directed by Sajjad Ali himself.

8. Be Wafa

This track is a rendition of ‘Ab Ke Tajdeed e Wafa‘. The song was created for the OST of the television serial Saheliyan.

9. Jal Pari

This retro track is about, you guessed it, a mermaid.

10. Tamasha

This song was a collaboration with Pakistan’s first internationally acclaimed rapper Bohemia. This Sajjad Ali Tamasha track sees the evergreen singer experimenting with his sound.


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Hope you find your favorite from this Sajjad Ali songs list.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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