The Cannoli Scandal Attracts Pakistani Celebrities’ Attention [Reactions]

Famous Pakistani celebrities as well as foreigners are reacting to the viral video.

The Cannoli scandal has taken social media by storm. Countless netizens reacted to the video that spread on social media like wildfire. The owners of Cannoli Islamabad are now facing backlash from millions of angry people. Their bullying and workplace harassment reflected on their elitist notions. But now, even famous Pakistani celebrities have spoken up. And to our surprise, the news has also been picked up by foreigners.

The Cannoli Scandal

Uzma Chaudhry and Dia Haider recently came into the limelight. The owners of Cannoli posted a video on their Instagram account. The restaurant’s manager was being questioned about his English language skills. And it seemed alright at first, but things took a drastic turn.

The two women were seen bullying and harassing their manager. Awais, who spent more than a year in English classes, wasn’t speaking the language fluently. And the owners took this as an opportunity to mock him.

While the video was deleted by the restaurant, it was picked up by netizens already. Let’s take a look at it:



Celebrities React

Countless netizens took to their social media to express their disappointment. People are labeling these women as elitist and prejudicial. Amongst all the reactions were also famous Pakistani celebrities and public figures.

Here’s what some of them have to say:


Ali Gul Pir

The famous comedian and rapper took to his Twitter account to take a jab at the owners. He wrote:


We were bored so we decided to ridicule our employee who can’t speak English like we do with our fake accents #GoraComplex #NewSlaves



Shaniera Akram

Our favorite bhabi, Shaniera Akram also responded to the Cannoli Scandal:



Sarah Khan



Ahmed Ali Butt


Cannoli Scandal


Sheheryar Munawar



Mawra Hocane

Adnan Siddiqui


Junaid Akram aka Puffin Man



Anoushey Ashraf



Syeda Bushra (former wife of Aamir Liaquat)



Famous Journalists React







Businessmen and famous public figures make job offers




Did you know even foreigners reacted to the Cannoli scandal?

Here are some reacts by foreigners that caught our attention:






Cannoli Scandal


Well, there you have it- all the famous reacts to the Cannoli Scandal. Whose reply did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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