The ‘Elusive’ Identity of UKhano’s Wife [Pictures + Videos]

Five months after Pakistani YouTuber Ukhano’s wedding, people still don’t know who the bride is.

Five months after Pakistani YouTuber Ukhano’s wedding, people still don’t know who the bride is. The social media influencer’s posts never show the face of Ukhano’s wife, let alone reveal her identity.

All this mystery is building up hype. Or is it?

Given the sexual harassment scandal against Pakistani Youtuber Umar Khan back in 2019, people were curious about the bride when he announced that he had tied the knot in 2020. Having been publicly accused of sexual harassment just a year prior, people wanted to know who had married him.



Pakistani YouTuber Ukhano Gets Married [Pictures + Videos]

Following the wedding, the vlogger posted a series of images of the couple, all obscuring the face of Ukhano’s wife. From sponsored posts to going out for groceries or travelling around the country, Ukhano’s wife is almost always by his side.

Yet people have never seen her face. This isn’t a matter of just following COVID-19 SOPs, as often, her face is turned away from the camera or hidden by her hair. Cut a Cut voiced questions on everyone’s mind. Is there a religious reason behind the decision? Is it about maintaining the couple’s privacy?

The social media influencer filed a defamation case against the first woman that came out against him with allegations of attempted rape.

She later retracted her statement when she failed to provide evidence of her claim to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Shortly after the allegations against him were withdrawn Ukhano announced that he tied the knot.

Prior to when the first picture from his wedding went viral, on 20th November 2020, the vlogger posted his last vlog, summarizing the one-year-long controversy. His marriage was immediately the talk of the town.

Yet the identity of UKhano’s wife remained hidden. According to Cut a Cut, keeping this information shrouded in mystery was dubbed a publicity stunt. However, given the vlogger’s fame perhaps he is just shielding her from the glare of the spotlight.


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If that were the case how would one explain the YouTuber’s Instagram series titled ‘WifeCamSeries’. These video vlogs allow people to experience a day in the life of the couple through the wife’s perspective.


Whatever the reason? Why does it matter? Let us know in the comments of this is something you even ponder?

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