The Food Ranger is Coming to Pakistan

For the love of FOOD!

the food ranger

Food blogger Trevor James is on his way to Pakistan. The Food Ranger will stop by in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

Trevor James, the mastermind behind The Food Ranger, has made trips around Asia. This time the street food scavenger is coming to Pakistan.


In an Instagram post, he mentioned that his taste buds will even wander towards villages for an authentic taste of local cuisine. The food blogger is eager to try out Pakistan’s food over his one month trip.

Pakistanis are known for their love of food, large-heartedness, and their generosity. During my one-month trip to the country I will have chance to discover its richness and amazing power of its cuisine

Pakistan is famous for things other than its food. The country’s rich culture, scenic natural beauty, and warm hospitality are an added bonus for the food enthusiast.

The Food Ranger Tours Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Trevor was recently touring Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Good thing his tastebuds already have a tolerance for spice. While South Asian food, in general, is stereotyped to be laden with spice, that is only half the truth.

Pakistan is a melting pot for various local cultures all with their own scrumptious and distinct cuisines. While Punjab and Sindh is heavy on spice as well as other aromatic ingredients, the North and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have mellow seasoning. They add oomph to their foods through techniques like cooking in stone furnaces, cooking entire lambs in ground pits, and smoking it up with coal.

Meanwhile, the taste of Islamabad combines the best of them all. The capital city may not be as eager on the food front as Lahore and Karachi but one thing it does have is variety. From Peshawari and Punjabi delights to seafood, East Asian, Central European and the works, Islamabad is none the poorer.

We are looking forward to the Food Ranger sample our biryanis, tikkas and the rest in his signature style. It will be interesting to observe his reactions for sure.


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