The Remarkable Top 10 Finalists of Miss Universe 2023

These exceptional women, beyond their beauty and grace, are using their platforms to make a lasting change in the world.

The Miss Universe 2023 pageant concluded on Sunday. The top 10 finalists not only captured the hearts of the audience but also left an indelible mark with their advocacy and passion for making the world a better place.

Let’s take a closer look at these extraordinary women who stood out among the global contenders.

10. Miss Venezuela

At 26, Diana Silva, a flight attendant and seasoned pageant contestant, is on a mission to empower teen girls by educating them about sex, improving emotional health, and ensuring access to contraception in underprivileged communities.

Her dedication to change echoes through her compelling “Voice for Change” video, showcasing her commitment to a brighter future.

9. Miss Spain

Athenea PĂ©rez holds a degree in marketing and advertising and advocates for racial equality in Spain. Her commitment extends to fighting interpersonal violence, particularly for adolescent girls.

PĂ©rez founded the “The Importance of Signs” program, helping teenagers recognize signs of abuse and access mental health and legal support, highlighting her commitment to building a safer and more inclusive society.

8. Miss Philippines

Entrepreneur and psychology graduate Michelle Marquez Dee is not just a beauty queen but an activist for autism acceptance.

Having two siblings on the autism spectrum, Dee became the Autism Society Philippines’ Goodwill Ambassador in 2019, using her platform to raise awareness and promote understanding and acceptance of autism.

7. Miss Peru

Overcoming health challenges, 25-year-old Camila Escribens pursued her dream of helping children in Peru through her nonprofit organization AMA.

Focused on providing ample nutrition and sports to children, Escribens considers these basic rights that every child deserves, exemplifying her dedication to improving the lives of the younger generation.

6. Miss El Salvador

Isabella GarcĂ­a-Manzo balances her studies in hospitality and business management with giving surfing lessons to children.

Her mission is to instill confidence and personal empowerment in the younger generation, making a positive impact through her passion for surfing and commitment to building strong, confident individuals.

5. Miss Puerto Rico

Studying for her master’s degree in psychology, 25-year-old Karla GuilfĂş Acevedo is a mental health advocate and founder of the nonprofit “Let’s Begin to Heal.”

Her organization aims to prevent suicide, provide mental health care, promote physical activity, and contribute to communities, showcasing her commitment to holistic well-being.

4. Miss Colombia

Journalist and model Camila Avella breaks stereotypes as a married woman and mother competing in Miss Universe.

Committed to empowering young mothers, Avella provides training in mental health, finance management, and entrepreneurship, demonstrating that beauty and motherhood are not mutually exclusive.

3. Miss Australia

Moraya Wilson is pursuing a degree in business marketing, stands out as a model and coach for skiing and track.

A former alpine ski racer, Wilson believes in the power of sports to harness individual potential and aims to promote sports among young girls, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and self-discovery.

2. Miss Thailand

First runner-up Anntonia Porsild is an entrepreneur with a degree in communications, focusing on helping women gain financial independence through her platform, the Little Steps Project.

Her commitment extends to empowering women who work from home, exemplifying her dedication to gender equality and economic empowerment.

1. Miss Nicaragua

Crowned Miss Universe 2023, 23-year-old Sheynnis Palacios, with a degree in mass communications, is a passionate advocate for mental health.

Overcoming anxiety attacks during her studies, Palacios initiated the “Understand Your Mind” project, supporting women experiencing mental health issues. Her commitment to destigmatizing mental health and promoting well-being sets her apart as a deserving Miss Universe.

These ten exceptional women, beyond their beauty and grace, are using their platforms to make a lasting impact on the world.

They inspire positive change and exemplify the essence of the Miss Universe competition, proving that true beauty lies in the combination of compassion, and intelligence.