Two Indian Fans Commit Suicide After India’s Loss In World Cup 2023

India lost the ICC World Cup 2023 to Australia.

The ICC World Cup 2023 is one of the biggest sports events in the world and this time, it was hosted by India. The Indian cricket team led by Rohit Sharma played outstandingly well throughout the tournament and remained unbeatable up until the ICC World Cup 2023 Finals where it played Australia and lost the trophy to them.

India’s loss to Australia has been heartbreaking and people across the country have been upset about the unexpected loss. Amid the glum atmosphere, because India did not win the World Cup, two Indian fans allegedly died by suicide in West Bengal’s Bankura and Odisha’s Jajpur.

Rahul Lohar, 23, took his life near a movie theatre around 11 pm on Sunday, following India’s crushing loss. He hung himself in his room, according to the reports. And in Odisha’s Jajpur, a 23-year-old was found hanging from the terrace after the contest. Dev Ranjan Das was undergoing treatment for emotional disorder syndrome. After India lost the mega match, he left the home in shock.

According to another report, a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati district passed away due to cardiac arrest following India’s loss.

The dreams of 1.4 billion Indians were shattered after Australia won the finals by six wickets in the jam-packed 1,32,000-seated stadium.


  1. this is no good you can’t do this I mean you can’t find football (soccer) fans killing themself just because they were expecting to win the World Cup I mean in 2021, the European championship was held in Entrre Europe and the final was held at or in Wembley stadium when England’s lost the final on the penalty did any of there fan’s killed themself no not once they might of fight agest the there lost but not once fans killed themself