These 10 Pakistani YouTubers Are Bringing Out Great Content

These people are amazing!


Nowadays, every person is out to be a vlogger. Few actually turn this passion of theirs into something long-lasting. Even in Pakistan, we now have original content creators with some really great content on YouTube. Pakistani Youtubers are also covering a variety of topics, from tech to beauty to comedy and so much more.

If you ever wanted to know which Pakistani Youtubers deserve to be followed, we have narrowed that list down for you.

Lets take a look at these amazing personalities with catchy video content.

1. Hira Tareen

This DJ is also a beauty blogger on YouTube. While Hira Tareen mostly posts make-up tutorials and skin-care routines.

Occasionally she will post a vlog when she’s traveling or sometimes of her just goofing around and being her charming self.


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2. Furqan Shayk

Swedish-Pakistani YouTuber Furqan Shayk creates comedy skits. His YouTube channel goes by ‘Furqan Ka Shor‘.

He’ll mostly take up a socio-political issue that the desi community is going on about and break it down hilariously. He even collaborated with Ushna Shah in one of his recent videos.


3 and 4. Zaryab Khan and Asad Ali

The reason we listed both these gentlemen under the same title is because, they both offer tech reviews and insights.

Zaryab Khan AKA ‘The Smartphone Guy’ offers unique information on popular smartphones available and releasing in the market. Some of this kid’s experiments might give you anxiety you just can’t place. For information on which phone to buy or not, XeeTechCare is the channel to check-out.


Asad Ali is another tech reviewer who doesn’t just posts tech reviews, but also other tips and tidbits.

Unlike many YouTubers, Asad Ali’s content is entirely in plain old-fashioned Urdu. His content is both fun and informative, the man really has his audience mapped out.


5. Waqas Shah

Think Karim Jovian with his social experiments but with a Pakistani guy. Waqas Shah is certainly not as popular as many others on the list but his videos take on Muslim Pakistanis and their biases.

Waqas is also a multicultural man hailing from New York.  His videos mainly consist of social experiments addressing racism against Muslims and Pakistanis.


6. Annam Ahmad

This gal really stood out as a hijabi fashion and beauty blogger. Most YouTube channels concerned with style especially Western wear don’t go with the modest wardrobe that a hijabi girl aims for.

Recently she decided to no longer be a hijabi, but her clean, minimalist looks are the same. This change seems to have come since her sister’s wedding. The same sister makes quite a few appearances in Annam’s vlog.


7. Raza Samo AKA Awesamo Speaks

This young man from Larkana dropped out of university in his 7th semester. He then made his way to YouTube. The man does what a lot of people do, funny videos. What makes him different is him embracing who he is and cracking jokes he would normally make (like roasts).

In this digital world, it’s pretty hard to find people just being themselves. That’s one of the reasons why Raza Samo gained a huge fan following in a very short span of time.

His roasting session called AWESAMO SPEAKS, is basically him being himself. His channel is named as KhujLee Family.


8. Kitchen With Amna

In 2018 Amna became the first female YouTuber from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers. Many Pakistani women are told to learn how to cook making the task irritable. The thing is cooking is a life skill we all need regardless of gender. That’s why Kitchen with Amna is a calm environment to learn how to cook because you want to.

Kitchen with Amna shares how-tos on Pakistani, Indian and Continental cuisine. So go check it out!


9. Asim Ali Khokar

Truth is even if you are a native speaker, your Urdu is getting pretty shabby. No, there’s nothing cool with not appreciating culture. For those people that struggle with English, have no fear. This YouTuber shares a whole range of ‘How-Tos’ hence the channel’s name ‘How To Urdu.

The most inspiring part is that Asim Ali Khokar is a farmer from a small village of Bahawal Nagar, Punjab.  We don’t really know why he started his YouTube channel ‘How To Urdu‘, we’re just glad that he did.


10. Zaid Ali T

For those of you that thought we forgot, how could we forget the pioneer of this all! Zaid Ali T was once the most famous Pakistani YouTuber. He invented the whole brown people vs white people compilations.

Later on, everyone was trying to be cheap rip-offs of his craft. Even now there are plenty of people who are really bombing with the sense of humor they have trying to Zaid.

Needless to say, he is the most influential brown YouTuber of our time (era basically, wait till some Gen Z gets into this) given he made none brown culture enthusiasts into brown culture enthusiasts.

Do you know of any other Pakistani YouTubers that deserve to be in this list? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. You forgot to mention Azad chaiwala and Junaid Akram aka Ganjiswag or #khaliwali! Both produce high quality content. Azad Chaiwala is basically a millionaire from mirpur who is motivated to push our youth towards enterpenureship. He covers business related topics and motivates young people in his videos. Junaid Akram on the other hand needs no introduction because his opinions are what we are all thinking about in our minds and he speaks them from his heart. He covers issues in our society, he is building libraries in different parts of Pakistan to promote literacy. I have a few more additions but the reason I only highlighted these two gentlemen is because they are not just doing entertainment but are contributing towards betterment of our country.

  2. There’s another channel “Superheroes of Pakistan (SoP). These guys provide a constructive platform to highlight the struggles and success of our people. Purpose is to show respect and recognize their efforts towards their only goal of life and to live. They specifically share stories of people who are heroes in their own right!
    Check them out here:

  3. .. You Forget Irfan Junejo , Mooroo , Ducky , Junaid Akram and Many More Orignal Pakistani Content Creators .. You just Add One “thanda” and Copycat Youtuber Zaid Ali Even He is not Pakistani .