These are the Worst Criers In Pakistani Dramas [Pictures]

Is it even a Pakistani drama if someone doesn’t cry in it?


“Crying is a skill, change my mind.” It is no easy feat to get all teary-eyed and get everyone’s attention. Whether you’re losing an argument about why using the Snapchat dog-filter is annoying or your brother snatching the last leg-piece from the karahi, an effective cry is a total game-changer. The amount of teardrops to mouth wide-open ratio is crucial to success – especially for actors and actresses in the showbiz industry.

The Pakistani television industry is mostly viewed by housewives or former bahus-turned-saas. And they expect to see some waterworks! However, these actors and actresses need serious practice or some advice because they are the worst criers in showbiz. Let’s take a look:

Syed Arez

He has cried so much in Kahin Deep Jale that when the viewers saw him smiling in the latest drama Tarap, they didn’t know how to react because the kind of expression he carries on his face makes it look like he doesn’t know how to sport a normal facial expression. Syed Arez has a painful look on his face and every time he speaks, it looks like the poor guy is going to burst into tears any minute. The subdued low pitch voice, red glycerin filled eyes and droopy lips, along with exaggerated expressions are too much, man. Tone it down a little!

Shaheen Khan

Speaking of toning down a little, Shaheen Khan is a mature and experienced actor who tosses away all that grace and experience out of the window the moment she starts crying. What’s amusing is that Shaheen tends to do a lot of makeup despite the fact that she always takes up such roles where she has to cry constantly, which also turns her characters into a caricature. Actually, she’s not crying as much as she is just howling throughout a scene.

Sanam Jung

Viewers were thrilled when they heard Sanam Jung was making a comeback with Zahid Ahmed. What they didn’t know or expect was that Sanam was only going to making screeching sounds throughout the drama. In her comeback drama Main Na Janoo, Sanam Jung went overboard with crying. The kind of sounds and voice modulation she opted for while crying in certain scenes was like nails across the chalkboard. The exaggerated attempt of sounding to be in a lot of emotional turmoil and pain was not only intolerable but her annoying expressions didn’t help to cover the irritating sound she was making. We can only ask that Sanam hires a cry-consultant for her next project.

Imran Ashraf

A brilliant actor, without a doubt, Imran is someone that breathes life and soul into every character he takes up. However, because Imran Ashraf is so used to giving his 100%, he tends to take his crying scenes a little further where he gives 100 expressions per microsecond, which compels the viewers to resort to the forward button immediately. He even changes his dialogue delivery while crying which actually makes the entire scene a bit funny actually. Someone needs to give Imran a pat on the back and tell him that he doesn’t need to go too hard. Sometimes less is more.

Fatima Effendi

Definitely a newbie in the crying business, Fatima Effendi is the new howler in town. She has been doing a lot of crying in Munafiq, although she has acted well and done justice to her character but her cries are so loud that they can make the dead come to life! People having waking nightmares about her screeching cries, parents tell their children to not stay up late or they’ll hear Fatima crying. Okay, we might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.

Irsa Ghazal

Another well-established and experienced actress of the Pakistani drama industry but also someone who hasn’t grasped the concept of crying. Irsa’s crying scenes can take a toll on viewer’s mental and emotional well-being. They can also deafen the viewers because the way her voice gets heavier as the pitch gets higher, makes it look like she doesn’t know where to stop and in the heat of the moment she goes overboard thinking she nailed it. Irsa Ghazal is definitely be up there as one of the worst criers of the industry.

Alizeh Shah

Alizeh may be everyone’s favorite girl next door, but she needs to step up her crying game. The young starlet is usually casted in roles where she has to cry constantly because she a ‘pretty girl’ and audiences can easily sympathize with her as a ‘bechari’. However, her dialogue delivery, minute expression, voice and everything about her goes off the rails, the moment she starts crying. It is so bad that the scene feels more like a scene from Bulbulay rather than something serious.


A versatile actress of who is not only experienced but is observant enough to give every character the kind of treatment it deserves. However, the wailing sounds she makes as she cries are hard to tolerate, which actually forces the viewers to lower the TV volume. The expressions, the sounds, everything about her crying is a drama buff’s biggest pet peeve.

Nida Mumtaz

Another experienced actor who believes in the mantra: ‘the louder the better’. Telling Nida Mumtaz to tone it down a little would be an understatement as her expressions as she cries are hilarious, but what’s even more interesting is that her “sad acting” routine remains the same in every single drama. In simple terms, it’s neither good nor bad, just ‘meh’. There are some criers who make the people cringe with their ‘emotional range’ and Nida happens to be one of them.

Hira Mani

And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without our very own Hira Mani! Honestly, we think even Roomi might have had second thoughts about Ms. Hania if ever saw that scene.

Pink nose, pink lips, pink cheeks, pink eye crease, pink forehead – in short everything turns pink when Hira Mani cries in her dramas. It is like to add more visual appeal to her emotional scenes, she douses her face in rosy pink tints to make it look like the mountains of sorrows crumbled upon her and resulted in her pink face. We want to say that she needs to tone down on the pink aesthetics but we believe even that wouldn’t do much. Hira Mani is one of those actors that loves to cry but everyone, not even her agent or Mr. Salman (aka Mani) has the heart to tell her that she is one of the worst criers in showbiz.

The most popular and trending drama serials on TV are those with the highest amount of emotions and gut-wrenching performances. Crying is a make or break factor for young actors trying to make their mark in showbiz. Stars like Mahira Khan only made to the top because they had the ‘IT’ factor and by ‘IT’ we mean – they cry good! Which actor do you think is the worst crier? Share your answers in the comments below.


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  1. Where is our legend, The FEROZE KHAN who cried legendary in the KHANI serial ? Those who you have mentioned are nothing before him in acting..

  2. Yes you are right but you didn’t mention the legendary actors name such as Mahira khan, Humayun Saed, Hamza ali Abbasi, Maya Ali and Sajal Ali they all have great skills of crying

  3. Exactly some of them are continuously doing crying sceens and we r really tired of watching same sort of acting again n again however Kahin Deep jaley is the worst drama ever. From imran,Arez,neelum nd every single character only knows how to cry every one is bichara except Bhabhi yukh story. Hira mani and especially Alizey both needs improve her acting skills as she has only one constant Ghamzada look and keep on crying pathetic actresses.

  4. Mahira does not cry well ,she really is I guess amongst the worst criers though she is my favourite
    If u don’t believe me then check her cry in movie bin roye .

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