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These Aurat March Posters Were Photoshopped to Look Un-Islamic and Vulgar

The price of misinformation and propaganda.

The third Aurat March recently took place in various cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The event calls for all disadvantaged segments of society, especially women, to fight for their due rights. This movement is a peaceful protest for equality, and it takes place annually on Women’s Day (8th of March).

However, the event has not been without its share of controversies.

Not only were some of the posters misunderstood by a majority of the people, they were also altered or changed in disgusting ways by elements who wanted to discredit the movement.

With the help of Photoshop, some posters were changed to showcase the wrong kind of messages. These messages in no way represent Aurat March or its agendas.

No wonder that peaceful protesters in Islamabad were attacked by radical elements.


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Let’s take a look at how some of the placards were messed with.

A Blank Canvas

TV anchor Mansoor Ali Khan took to Twitter to expose the media’s hand in twisting and turning his wife holding a blank sheet of paper at the Aurat March.



Even though the original photo reveals that she was holding nothing but a blank sheet of flyers which were later edited to add slogans like;

“It is not immodest to be naked,”

“My body, my choice,”

and “There, I’m sitting properly.” with a drawing of a woman sitting with her legs spread open.

Similarly, another blank placard was edited later on to make it seem like Aurat March stands for un-Islamic and unlawful notions.


The Shadow Doesn’t Lie

In this next picture, it is clearly visible that the placard has been tampered with. The poster that originally said ‘I’m Free, I’m bold’ was changed to look like it says “I’m a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister. Rescue me from liberal aunties.”



The shadow in the original picture was removed to change the text in the picture.

An Eye For Detail

If you have an eye for detail, it will probably be difficult for you to be fooled. The original placard that said “Have you learnt how to warm your own food?” was changed to something disgustingly offensive.



If you look carefully you’ll see that her fingers covered some parts of the text in the original photos. While in the edited version, the text overlays her fingers.



Another poster was also visibly edited in a similar manner;



Luckily, the lady in the picture sent out an original picture and also a video to prove her placard said: “Make your own bread.”




Taken Out of Context

This next poster was a meme and not only was it taken out of context but it was also cropped to look suggestive in a bad way.



Having seen the poster, it’s obvious people assumed that the Aurat March protesters are fighting to legalize prostitution. In reality, this was an accusation by Ahmed Ali Butt, a Pakistani rapper and actor, who deemed Aurat March vulgar. The meme was a sarcastic taunt at the actor and his false allegations.



It goes without saying that Aurat March posters that were photoshopped to look tasteless actually reveal the mindset and deep-seated insecurities of its creators. It was done in bad faith, and that might be the reason Aurat March supporters were attacked in Islamabad.

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