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These Characters in Pakistani Dramas Will Make You Go To Sleep [Pictures]

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It takes a lot of effort to bring a fictional character to life. However, there are some characters in Pakistani dramas that simply do not sit well with the audience.

Whether it’s the characters’ storylines, the actors who play the roles, or just a lack of personality – these 10 fictional characters remained mundane for the viewers.

Let’s see who these snoozefests are:


Aiman – Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Played by Aamna Malick, the character seemed very promising at the beginning of the show. Although since the first episode Aiman was portrayed as a sassy character, her struggles would soon become never-ending.

While her story took a drastic turn when Aiman got married, her character seemed to be a bit of a drag towards the end.

Lots of crying and unlimited suffering resulted in the audience finding Aiman’s character dull.



Areej – Jalan

The show¬†Jalan is already packed with a stereotypical love triangle. But Areej’s character lacked personality – to a point where viewers wanted her out of the show.

In love with an already committed man, who was engaged to his cousin, this was enough to tick the audience off. But despite all, everyone was ready to give this character a chance.

As the show progressed people soon realized that the only personality Areej had revolved around her love for Ahmer. Even though she could not marry the man, the character was ok with getting pushed around by him.

And seriously, how would anyone relate to this character?



Maira – Mera Dil Mera Dushman

It’s questionable to have more than one character in the same show who does not resonate with the audience. However, Mera Dil Mera Dushman is packed with them. Maira, played by Alizeh Shah, is a victimized character since the beginning of the show. But Alizeh’s acting also made it painfully boring.

Aizeh did not show the emotions and expressions that the viewers were looking for and therefore found this character to be weak.



Misha – Jalan

Misha, played by Areeba Habib, came across as a strong and wise character in the beginning. But because she has been naive to her sister’s evil-doings, Misha’s character loses that aura of reliability very fast.

Not only is her sister determined to steal her man away, but the character’s fate is also filled with lots of unnecessary sadness.

We hope we’re wrong about our presumptions because Areeba did a wonderful job of portraying the character perfectly. It’s just that her character doesn’t get much more to do.



Nageen – Deewangi

Nageen’s useless panting and crying would have been understandable had she not been portrayed as a helpless character. Hiba Bukhari’s acting might have not helped, but the writers are to be blamed for this one.

Not only is Nageen dwelling in her own miseries all the time, but she also seems to bite her tongue in a tough situation. Viewers need to see her speaking up instead of crying her eyes out when things go awry.



Nuzhat – Deewangi

While Nageen’s character is outlandishly boring, Nuzhat’s character is even more so. Things started out well for Faiza Gillani’s character [Nuzhat] but that soon changed.

Constantly telling her sister to keep her mouth shut on matters of importance, she is seen as more of an annoying character than a boring one.

Viewers definitely couldn’t relate to how Nuzhat decided to deal with the realities of life.



Raima – Muqaddar

Before getting married to a man twice her age, Raima showed a lot of potential at the beginning- she was bright and bubbly and lived life on her own terms.

However, because of her husband, Raima’s character was soon victimized. Not only was the pace of the show excruciatingly slow, but Raima was also shown as a helpless girl. And that never sits well with the audience.



Shahmeer – Mera Dil Mera Dushman

The character of Shahmeer could have been portrayed a little better. His character had a devastating love story, where the love of his life ended up becoming his aunt!

But Noaman Sami failed to portray the character in the light that the audience wanted to see him. Apart from being a broken bird all the time, his character had no personality at all.



Zafar – Mera Dil Mera Dushman

While Yasir Nawaz’s character, Zafar, started out well with a strong personality, later in the show he became a background prop. Not only was his wife [Maira] boring to the core, but it seemed like she snatched away Zafar’s personality as well.

As the show progressed, Zafar’s character lost its charm, and the show overall has been a drag.



Zunaira – Tarap

Hiba Bukhari seems to choose characters who require a lot of panting and crying. Living in a conservative and strict family, Zunaira seems to forget to look out for herself.

Constantly putting herself in situations that can cause trouble, this character is mind-numbingly dull.



This concludes our list of characters in Pakistani dramas that are extremely lifeless and dry. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. We need good experience writers. These new writers and producers are useless and have seen lots of hiring and slapping women in now days dramas. Which are not feasible to watch with kids and families give a bad impression on Chilren. Plus most dramas are to extreme nagative.

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