This 13-year-old Child Works Two Jobs To Make Ends Meet for His Family

Abdul Waris has been working for 6 years now…

Abdul Waris

Abdul Waris is 13 years old. Children this age just begin to explore the world around them while this young child he is two jobs to make ends meet and help his family.

Spotted on the streets of Karachi at night, Abdul Waris sells his mother’s home cooked food on a bicycle in order to survive. In addition to this, he works at a cloth market from 11 am in the morning and comes home at night around 9 pm. The 13-year-old has been working for 6 years now in order to have enough money to avert hunger.


The Story of Abdul Waris

His father got handicapped when he was only 7. He has five siblings but since he is the eldest, the responsibility to earn solely now falls on his shoulders. He works day and night so that his siblings can have a better future.

Speaking to Dialogue Pakistan, Abdul Waris shared that he started selling his mother’s homemade food two and a half months back. After returning from his cloth market job, he leaves home again and sells the food items on a bicycle in Paposh Nagar area of Karachi, in front of the Peshawari Soup House.


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After earning his bread, he finally returns home two hours after midnight, around 2 am. Initially, he started off by selling chai, but now he sells gulab jamun, donuts, macaroni, and pizza bites.

You can find him selling these food items on a silver cycle that he bought a year ago from scrap and then spent money to upgrade it.

He dreams of achieving a good life for his family, and with his hard work and help, he wishes to educate all his siblings so they have a better and brighter future ahead.



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